Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Let’s make MISTAKES

By Ashmita Thapa

Just the word “mistake” might have a sense of fear in your mind when it really shouldn’t. They are actually useful thing not awful ones. When a tailor makes mistake it becomes a new fashion. When a barber makes mistake it becomes a new hairstyle. When scientists make mistakes it becomes new invention. When professors make mistake it becomes new hypothesis.

But what if I make a mistake?

I am selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes. Only one mistake! Not really, I want to make dozens of mistake each day because I have learnt most of the things from many of my mistakes. At times, I wonder what a waste of my life it would be if I had never made any of those beautiful mistakes. I strongly believe that a person who has never made any mistake has never tried to do something new.

A mistake is an action that we come to regret. Mistake can also cause pain, loss or strive. We might not like the consequences of some of our action and then we term that action as ‘mistake’. Mistake literally means an act which had been misguided. Yes, mistakes are indeed outcomes of errors that we make while doing something. The irony is that mistakes that we try so hard to avoid are the things we need to experience. Sometimes, we tend to get confused between mistake and bad decision. Mistake is something we do without intention. For example: While giving a test we select wrong answer, it is a mistake. But not studying and preparing for the test is a bad decision. So, one must be wise enough to differentiate between mistake and bad decision. We all make mistake and at times we even tend to make bad decisions. Let’s learn from mistake and gain experience from bad decisions. Let’s not regret because we made mistake instead rejoice that you at least tried to do something different, something new. Not making mistake is the biggest mistake one can ever make. Mistakes help us know where we stand, who we exactly are. It can teach the most valuable lessons of our life. It can teach us to be happy and content. It helps us to grow and evolve. It broadens our knowledge. “What if no one made mistake?” Remember Thomas Edison? He failed more than 10,000 times while working on the light bulb in the end he succeeded. Each time he failed, he learnt from them. Each time he improvised and finally he was able to light the bulb. Similarly, Michael Jordan is the one who has scored 32,292 points and it is him who has missed more than 9000 shots in his career. If Alexander Fleming had not made mistake then ‘antibiotics’ would have never been discovered. Spencer Silver accidentally happened to invent an ‘adhesive’ which could stick papers together. In those days it was considered as a useless invention but it has now proved to be very useful. John Hopkins, a chemist stopped his experiment for a while and sat down to have his meal. Absent-minded Hopkins forgot to wash his hands before having his meal. It is very dangerous for chemist to eat without washing hands because of harmful chemicals which might even take their lives. But Hopkins was lucky enough, the chemical he had been working on had a very sweet taste which was later named as ‘artificial sweetener’. An assistant professor at university of Buffalo made a mistake while working on a project. He had to use 100,000-ohm resistor but he happened to use 1-megaohm variety. Then his circuit produced a signal that made a sound which sounded for 1.8 milliseconds and then it paused for a second. It was a dead ringer for human heart. This was the discovery of ‘pace maker’ in human heart. Before this invention, the pace makers were of the size of televisions. Not only in the field of science, there are people all over the world who made mistakes, learnt from them and became successful. We are human beings and its human nature to make mistake. We say failures are the pillars of success but how can we fail if we never make mistake? So, I say mistakes are pillars of success. We learn from our mistakes. Smart people always learn from their mistake and wise people can even learn from mistake of others. Blunders help us to broaden the horizon of our way of thinking. Mistakes bring out the best in human beings Never fear of making mistake, because that fear might prohibit you from doing anything new or shifting from your comfort zone. And this fear stops you from truly exploring your talents and enjoying your life to its fullest. When you make mistake do not think that you have failed, think that you have gained additional knowledge. . A life spent making many mistakes is considered much more honorable than a life which is spent without doing anything new. Many people intend to avoid making mistake while some of them show anxiety in making mistake. I personally show deep enthusiasm in making mistake. I make mistake recognize it, admit it and then learn from it. I never stop learning, none of us do. I just make sure that I do not make any of them twice. If you do mess things up, do not try to hide it or rationalize it. I request you all to keep making mistake and keep learning. Let’s not stop exploring. Let us never give up just because we are afraid of making mistakes. To sum up, I suggest, learn things from your mistakes and improvise it. Make mistake and learn from it.