Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Let's Do This!

By Asmita Subedi

Students from the Sophomore, Junior and Senior year all gathered this Thursday in Lhotse Hall after a month long vacation to attend the talk program by our Chairman, Rudra Pandey. Every time he meets us, we get lots of inspiring ideas and suggestions and this meeting was no exception.

When he asked us about what is going on with our studies, internship and our other problems, to utmost surprise, most of us, who were silent most of the times, had much more to say. Students spoke about their problems and he was positive enough to listen to them and promised to address them soon. Senior students shared their experience and suggested juniors to focus on specific language that interests him/her and excel in it rather than trying all of them and failing. Dr. Pandey further enlightened about future plans of DWIT and encouraged students to be creative and committed.

The outcomes of the interaction session were:

  • Interns will be reviewed after 6 months of their internship and their wages will be raised to Rs.100 per hour based on their performances.
  • Senior year students will be taken for an educational tour.
  • Transportation facility will be provided to the students.
  • Beginning from 3rd year, classes will be held only till 2 pm so that interested students can work as an intern outside the college.
  • The students who are academically sound and are interested will be provided with arrangement for research in specific areas.
  • A research laboratory will be arranged for the Embedded System and Neural Network’s Practical.
  • Within three to six months of time period, each of the students will have their own locker to manage their belongings.
  • Students will have access to Wi-Fi throughout the college premises.
  • Junior students will assist senior students in their final project as co-workers so that they can have knowledge beforehand and prepare well for their own projects.

Promises were made, but it is to see whether they will be fulfilled or not. We, as students, are hopeful that these promises will be kept sooner rather than later. As a student, we promise to not violate any college rules and do our best to be a good student. Seems like this is only what we can promise as a student. :) Both college administration and students as well, let’s do our best to keep these promises. Let’s keep reminding each other about our promises and yes, together we can do this. So, let’s do this! :)