Sun, 11 Apr, 2021

Learning The Endless Process Of Life

By Raju Shrestha

Learning is a skill to know something new, modify or reinforce the existing knowledge. It is the process which begins from birth till death. The process and field of learning may differ from person to person. A person may learn something from experience while some may learn from books. Learning is an important process through which we can expand our minds and begin to see things which we would never have experienced and create endless opportunities in life. Every time learning does not mean getting a degree and getting a certificate of qualification. Learning is a continuous process in each phase of our life which helps in achieving both professional and personal goals. So, learning should have a milestone but not a full stop. In this competitive world, one should be eager to learn something new in the professional field. Those who are curious and eager to learn at their work and willing to take an extra advantage, climb easily on the ladder of success in life. In school days, preference is always given to academic knowledge and books are the main source of education but the real world is beyond books. We can learn more with practical approach than by theoretical means. Our mind can catch things easily and quickly in realistic form. Through the process of learning, one can develop various skills oneself which can be very useful in life. Learning develops versatile knowledge and this knowledge can never be wasted. In personal life, learning is continuous and an important process. It helps to maintain his/her personal life, manage finances, and household needs independently. As a result, prosperity and happiness of family can be increased. Learning helps to examine our minds and identify the roles, activities, and priorities that help in positive thinking and encourage us to face every challenge in life. Learning helps in enhancing our strength and maintaining the balance between personal, professional and social goals. Learning is the continuous process which never ends and the process of learning may differ from person to person according to their field of study.