Fri, 24 May, 2024

Last Rites

By Akankshya Upadhaya

This early December,

The sunny bright day,

The daylight hour,

One could never forget to remember

In favor of the rays sun rewarded

Though, for me, was meant the shade,

For in my fate, was written

To sit and watch a soul cremate,

Feebly watch a closeness cremate,

Impatiently pray not to,

Still accept the nearness finish to ashes,

My pain get no less

When people try my comfort

‘die your friend, your friendship shall remain’

To that, a different feel bounded me

May a blessed child of Deity I be

For this sunny December,

I desperately ask the shade not to

Still helplessly I accept,

The LAST RITES in front of me,

My friendship to die,


When my friend is alive!