Thu, 29 Feb, 2024

Ladies and the Power of Resilience

By Sumnima Tuladhar

Women are the prominent founders of the society. They have power to create, nurture, nourish and revolutionize. They play the roles of mother, daughter, wife, law makers, activists and socialists. Traditionally, women were simply considered as house makers and care takers. However, with the evolution of a better present, the role of women and their status have been drastically changed for good. In general, though not at a rapid pace, women have gained level with men and have empowered themselves by exploring their talents and several inherent qualities, one of which is resilience.

Resilience is the quality or nature of adjusting well in the situation of trauma, extreme stress, torture, calamities and problems. Resilience neither means holding oneself back being engulfed by the trauma of a problematic situation nor does it mean revolting. It simply means dealing well with the problems by seeking measures to cleverly and wisely handle them and sustain even with their presence in the long run.

Resilient nature is generally more prevalent in women and girls. This nature may be an innate quality in some whereas, may be a built quality in others. Some women have resilience by birth and some acquire it through the environment and situations to which they are exposed to. Women have remained as subordinates to men and secondary citizens since long time back. They usually face discriminations in the field of health, education, socio-economic aspects and are mostly exposed to gender based violence, threat, poverty, abuses. It is a fact that difficulties enhance the strength in a person making the person stronger and tougher. Same is the case with women. They face numerous difficulties, learn from such difficulties, gain experiences, get habituated by them and in some cases, think upon their flaws, if any, which made them to face such difficulties. So, through such experiences, they are able to seek out ways to handle the stresses and traumas that may come along and even sustain in their presence, and are able to reform their mistakes made in the past, which had once became the reason of stress or problem. The difficulties that women and girls face make them realize that such problems can walk over them at any moment and due to this ability of predicting the future problems, they make preplans to handle and overcome them.

Moreover, women do not hesitate to ask for help during difficulties. They are likely to seek for support from a person with more managed and oriented views whenever the situation gets out of their control. The nature of seeking help and encouragement can be indeed viewed as an act of wisdom. It is so because sometimes hand of encouragement can be very helpful in getting through dark moments in life and facing problems with courage. Also, when women discover any weakness within themselves, they become stubborn to overcome it. Therefore, trying hard to overcome without losing hope adds to the fact that women are the source and the force of resilience.

Furthermore, women have playful spirit and sense of humor. So though difficulties approach, their playful spirit acts as their encouragement and they are easily able to get through problems. Usually, women do not ignore difficult situations or feelings rather develop insight about the problem, learn how to tolerate them and get least affected by them. The optimism that they carry also enables them to be resilient. They perceive pain as temporary setbacks and are hopeful that it would sooner or later fade away. So, they adjust in the presence of problems somehow.

To sum up, resilient girls and women are found to be successful in each and every aspect of their life, may it be as a mother, a daughter, a wife, or any other social and economic figure. It is because they never give up or get back, they move on accepting the inevitable disasters of life believing that in the middle of difficulties there lies opportunity. Since they have ability to adjust and sustain during problems, they are found to be more satisfied and happier in their life. They are able to enjoy each and every moment of their life despite the continuous arrival of problems and are able to achieve positive outcomes.