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KTMJS Meetup 2015

By Ankit Pradhan

Photo Courtesy: Ankit Pradhan

KTMJS Developers Meetup – 4 was successfully held on September 26, 2015, Saturday - 11:00 am at NCIT College, Balkumari. There were more than 20 participant in the event and the main purpose this event was to make the developers familiar with JavaScript and gather all those people who have similar interest in JavaScript.

The main focus of the event was - using the framework, ReactJS. Its importance and scopes were also discussed in the session. The first speaker was Anton who is a Swedish developer. He started his presentation on JavaScript which was developed by Netscape. He talked about what can be done using JavaScript and how it can be done more efficiently. He gave an example of house built by engineers and its components, He said, “Building a website is just like building a house. We need windows and doors to interact with our house, in similar way we need JavaScript to interact with websites.”

The second speaker of the program was Krishna Sunuwar, CEO of (which is an online site to book restaurant for family celebrations and get together program). His presentation was mainly focused on getting started with ReactJS which is a JavaScript framework developed by Facebook and its library for UI development. According to Sunuwar in order to learn ReactJS one should have knowledge about following terms.”

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, DOM and virtual DOM.

  • Props (attributes of React which is useful for unidirectional data flow)

  • State(attribute of React, unlike props it is used for multi-directional data flow)

  • Basic knowledge of Event and Forms.

The last speaker was Pratik Gautam, who is working as UI/UX developer at Kathmandu Living Labs. He talked about how he along with his team visualized Nepal’s Human Development 2014 using React along with Google map. You can check it out here: visualization of Nepal Human Development Report 2014.