Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

KP : Khadga Prasad or Keep Promising?

By Saras Karanjit

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It becomes abundantly clear that he has said enough when we search the keyword ‘KP Oli’ in Google and the first suggestion is ‘KP Oli Jokes'! With all of his next to impossible promises of how he can make a better Nepal, he has made his time as PM memorable for everyone. Hopes of no load shedding in coming years to dreams of gas supplied from pipelines, he has basically made every promise there is to make in order to gain the backing of the public.

As soon as his tenure began, Oli started giving speeches that were rather pleasing to the ears. It started off when he announced he would completely remove load shedding from Nepal within a year, only to add another year after a few months. God knows how long it’s actually going to take for that to happen. Then came his revolutionary idea and promise of providing each house with pipelines that supply gas. He saw how Nepalese people were laboring to get a cylinder of gas during the shortage caused by the blockade a few months ago. This project, however, has not been initialized and is most likely to end before it even begins. Even after the blockade has ended, forget about the pipelines, people have not been able to get gas cylinders for their daily living in many areas. This has again led to an increased black market sales and other illegal strategies. With all the sufferings that Nepal had gone through last year when renovations and restorations were supposed to be the top priority, KP Oli had some other ideas.

In recent time, Oli has come up with more plans of how he wishes to see Nepal. He has this proposal of extracting petroleum products from the core of Kathmandu valley in the near future, which again sounds way too ambitious and tough to achieve. Furthermore, he has announced to start railway services in Nepal which is now added up by owning a ‘Paani Jahaj’ (Ship) in the name of Nepal. Very pioneering and ambitious one must say. We don’t know if he can deliver something remarkable in the political field but "KP Railways" or "Oli Oils" looks more on the cards by the looks of things.

On the contrary, some people have supported him as well. They even started trending it on Twitter with hashtag #IamWithKPOli where people expressed how his visions are actually possible. But again there were others who used this hashtag to pass on sarcastic comments about him. It’s always good for people to want more for their country, especially when you are the PM, but KP Oli should also keep one thing in mind that he is the PM of Nepal. Many projects have been inaugurated in the past and have come to a halt due to several reasons, one of the most significant being the lack of inconsistency in the government. So the main question that arises in the present time is not “Can KP Oli put his actions into words?” but “Should KP Oli be given time to put his action into words?”