Fri, 24 May, 2024

Knowing My Reality (Part 2)

By Dipesh Poudel

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After the incident, of which I'm not sure if it was a dream or reality, the question of my identity started haunting me. I always asked the same question to myself, “Who am I?”, and the answer I get is always the same. I am a normal kid who goes to an IT college, loves reading novels and hanging out with friends. Maybe it was all just a dream and maybe I am just giving myself a headache exaggerating a crazy dream I had. I would like to take the incident as just a dream, but the experience I had was so real that I couldn't really tell the difference.

A month had passed since then and nobody had made any contact with me to tell me who I really am. Then, Just when I was about to give up, thinking it was all just a dream, the same white butterfly that was in the incident appeared in my room. I tried to catch it but it flew out of my room from the window. I followed it just like the last time, but unlike the last time, I kept track of where it was leading me. After passing through a few blocks, it entered a pitch-black alley and disappeared. After some time, the area started to glow and the same beautiful girl ascended from the sky. This time she had a big sword with her. She came near me and said, “We wanted to give you this little later but the circumstances has forced us to give it to you now. Take it and it will tell you who you really are. ”.

 With the greed to find my real identity, I took the sword. As soon as I placed the sword in my hand and brought it closer for inspection, it disappeared. After a few seconds of the disappearance of the sword, I felt like an electric current was passing through my body. I could hardly take the pain. I closed my eyes and after a few seconds the pain was gone. I opened my eyes knowing who I really am.

(Dipesh Poudel is a student currently studying in  Deerwalk Institute of Technology)