Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

Know Your Neighborhood: Kapan

By Abhusan Gautam

Once a green land with nothing but agricultural sites, Kapan is a village-cum-city developing in the outskirts of Kathmandu. Nature has preserved herself in this region. For many it is one of the major residential areas for people from out of the valley. No Pollution, friendly neighborhoods and peaceful community conjures up to make Kapan an ideal destination for living with your family. Kapan Gumba :

kapangumba Kapan consists of many places worth visiting but Kapan Gumba takes the pole position. Kapan Gumba is a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery located on top of a magnificent hill. It is home to many Buddhist Monks. You can talk to the monks or enjoy the beautiful garden inside it. You can also enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Kathmandu city. Chilling breeze, occasional rainfall combined with greenery of the plants and mesmerizing colors of the prayer flags, Kapan Gumba is a place you won’t regret visiting.

  Siddheshyor MahaDev Temple:


Siddheshyor MahaDev Temple is the hub for local Hindu enthusiasts. It is on top of a steep hill. Religious people especially women and children gather here for prayers, chants and festivals. It is also a place where lost children are reported and missing reports are announced. Hence it holds both religious as well as social value for residents of Kapan. HandBall Court : futball Are you down to the ground when it comes to sports? Fortunately for you, Kapan sports the National level Handball Court of Nepal. Although primarily designed to be a Handball court, youngsters as well as grown-ups use it to play football. It is smaller than an ordinary football ground hence only 7-7 people can be playing at one instance. Professional players from Manang Mersyangdi Club and Three Star Football Club join in with the locals and enjoy football together. Oh, and it’s also Free to play. Kapan Vegetable Market : Well, not everything is isolated and quiet in Kapan. Visit the Kapan Veg Market and you'll know the fear of getting lost in your own backyard. The place is Oh-So crowded. Hundreds of people are bargaining for hygenic vegetables and at the same time making it almost impossible to converse in low voice. One can tread slowly observing the crowd. The intensity of the people and sight of green veggies reminds people of their hometowns/villages (should they be out of the valley). Educational Institutes:

schoool Kapan has many educational institutes in its vicinity. Reliance Public School(Private) , Reliance International School (Private) and Bal Uddhar School (Public) have all contributed to the improvement of literacy rate of the community as well as of the country. The SLC Board Topper of Nepal , Sanjog Karki , came from Reliance Public School. Similarly, Bal Uddhar Public School provides education to hundreds of children in the area. Hence you cannot undermine the educational poweress of this region.

Getting There: You can catch a micro or a bus from Jaya Bageshwori that will take you to Kapan in about 15-20 minutes.