Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

Know Your Neighborhood : Samakhushi

By Sumit Shrestha

Samakhushi is an urban neighborhood in Kathmandu. Samakhushi has various guesthouses and offers an ethnic cultural taste. This place is known as one of the peaceful areas of the city though it is somewhat crowded and consists of many houses. It is hard to find an open place here where we can stay freely. However, it consists of different places where we can spend time. Some of such places are introduced below: Young Gurkhas Club: It is the club that makes Gurkhas.  It was established in 2060 B.S. and was initially named as Ex-British Club. However, later on it was changed to Young Gurkhas Club. Here, extensive trainings for British Army, Singapore Police and French Army are carried out. Another fascinating thing about this place is that it has an indoor basketball court. We can go and play whenever we want. It is open from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm. It costs Rs. 30 per person per day. Comparatively, there is a greater number of players on the weekends than on the weekdays. gurkha club Hukka 911: If you want to spend time with your friends, then Hukka 911 is the place you would want to be in. It is located in Samakhusi town planning. This restaurant is highly appreciated by teenagers. Hukka of this restaurant fascinates every teenager. hukka Kwality Food Café: For the teenagers, Hukka 911 is the best place to hang out in, but for family gatherings and birthday celebrations, Kwality Food Café (KFC) is the best place. Hygienic place with quality food is the specialty of this place. Trial Sikne Thaun (Trial Training Center): It is a place where you will be assisted to get license of two-wheelers such as bikes or scooters. It doesn’t teach people to ride two-wheelers; instead, it helps them to practice for the trial exam for obtaining a license. It costs Rs. 700 per week. One can only practice for an hour a day. trial Takshashila Academy: Established in 1998, Takshashila Academy is a +2 college consisting of Science, Humanities and Commerce streams. It consists of different facilities. Bimal Gharti Magar, a football player of Nepal National Team, studied here. The special service that this college provides is the entrance preparation classes for the students focusing on medical studies and engineering.   Nyatapol Swimming Club: It is located in Samakhusi town planning. It is the only swimming pool in Samakhusi. It consists of a swimming pool where water ranges of 3 ft, 5 ft, 6ft, 7 ft and 10 ft are available. You can swim during the morning, day and evening shifts. Getting There: It takes around 20 minutes to get from DWIT to Samakhushi on bike. samakhusi getting there (Sumit Shrestha works as a 'volunteer reporter' for the DWIT News Team.)