Sat, 04 Feb, 2023

Know Your Neighborhood: Banasthali

By Sushant Gurung

Banasthali, Balaju lies in the Northwestern part of the Kathmandu valley. The Nagarjun Hill adds greenery and beauty to this place. Although sparse compared to some parts of Kathmandu, it is nevertheless crowded with people and houses and has very little open space. There are different educational and medical institutions. Some financial institutions are also located in this part of the town. Some of the major highlights of Banasthali are: Siddartha Vanasthali Institute: Siddartha Vanasthali Institute is the main focus of Banasthali. As you can probably tell, the neighborhood is named after the school. It is one of the largest and oldest schools of Nepal. It was founded by Late Prof. Sheetal Balami in 1951. It provides education from the primary to tertiary levels and also runs Bachelor’s Degree programs in commerce and management (BBS). At present, there are around 3000 students in the secondary level and 600 students in the higher secondary and Bachelor’s level. dwitnews Balaju Industrial District: Balaju Industrial District (BID) is near Banasthali. BID was established in the year 1960 A.D. under the U.S. assistance. There are around 131 industries in this industrial area out of which 97 are running, 26 are under construction and 8 are closed. It provides jobs to 3056 people at present. dwitnews Balaju’s Wall: ‘Balaju’s Wall’ is another place worth visiting in the neighborhood. If somebody wants to experience wall climbing, it is the place to be. It is the third artificial wall designed for climbing in Kathmandu. There are 2 walls, one is of 15m high and another is 10m high. The establishment provides all the equipment one needs, including quick draws. People visit this place mostly during the holidays to climb the wall and take cool photos. So, you can come here to experience wall - climbing at the cost of Rs. 250. wall National Kidney Centre: The National Kidney Centr ((NKC) was founded in 1997 and is sponsored by HECAF-Nepal. The Nepal Kidney Centre can serve 90 patients for dialysis per day. It is the only facility in Nepal that provides dialysis machines specially for hepatitis B/C and HIV/AIDS positive patients. kidney   Getting there: It takes 45 minutes on the Ring Road to get to Banasthali from Jai Bageshwari. You can also get a direct bus from Old Bus Park.