Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Know Your Neighborhood: Balaju

By Shreha Regmi

A crowded place to be, Balaju lies in the northwestern part of the Kathmandu valley. Because of the Buspark, this place is pretty much crowded every day. There are lodges and guest houses in almost every footstep of the place. There are some places you would find fascinating if you visit there and might even enjoy.  Buspark: #1 The Balaju area is mostly known for the New Buspark. There are buses lined up to travel out of the valley, everywhere. You can see that there are hundreds of buses which leave the buspark daily. The area of the buspark is large. There are many shops located around the Balaju area where people going out of valley prefer to buy goods. There are also many guest houses located around the area where people who come to visit can stay for the time being. Balaju Park: #2 Balaju Park, also known as Baaishdhara is one of the famous parks in Kathmandu valley. The name Baaishdhara comes from the 22 water spouts present there. It is believed that the 22 water spouts existed before Nepal was formed. There are temples which give this park a spiritual atmosphere. There are two man-made ponds with many fishes and turtles. People come to enjoy the view. There is also a swimming pool where people can relax on a hot summer day. Nagarjun Dada: #3 The Nagarjun Dada is pretty well known with hikers for its hiking route and also for its royal palace. The former kings used to go to the jungle for hunting, so this is why the palace Nagarjun Durbar was built. There is also an army barrack. The jungle is home to different animals as well as different birds. The Nagarjun Dada looks like a snake from the Shanti Gumba present in the top of its hill. Himalayan City Centre: #4 The Himalayan City Centre was recently formed and is a wonderful place for shopping. Not only this, but if you’re hungry then they've got it covered for you. There are stalls where you can eat momos, burgers, panipuris, chaats and much more. AstaNarayan Hall: The AstaNarayan Hall was established on Bhadra 16th, 2058. It is the first hall to have the Dolby Digital Sound System in Nepal. It has a double balcony inside the hall. Because the number of viewers has increased, the hall has been expanded upto five theatres and shows different movies. The prices are very reasonable so there are always people lining up for tickets. #5 Machhakendra Office: Machhakendra is a government office which is famous for its fish farming. This office looks after the fish since its birth and when the right time comes, they supply the small baby fish to other farmers for its further growth. The area inside the office is made beautiful by greeneries. Machhapokhari Food Land: #6 After all this touring, you are sure to get hungry. But no worries! There is Machhapokhari food land where you can sit down, eat and kill time using the free Wi-Fi. This place is not fancy as such but it is a quaint little place to enjoy some nice meals. Getting there: You can take a bus from JayBageshwori. It is a 35-45 minute ride on a bus or you can take your own transportation. #7