Thu, 01 Jun, 2023

If I Knew that I Had Only One Week to Live

By Navaraj Kharel

Birth and death is a natural phenomenon. Anybody who is born in this perishable world has to die someday. We humans have been veiled by the murky destructible outfit since time immemorial. That’s why death seems inevitable for us, and we’ve been accepting this bitter, tragic reality from generation to generation. There is no way to escape this legitimacy of time and nature. Since the almighty himself couldn’t escape from this truth, then how can we humans do so? It is believed that death is the punishment bestowed by the almighty to living creature according to their grave sin that they committed in heaven. That’s why some mythical scripture advocates about earth as the place for the punishment to the merciless living creature, mainly human. Upon realizing all these phenomena about life and death, I come to the conclusion to live life with full gusto, gaiety, and wellbeing.

Knowing all these natural processes, if I come to know about my last stage of life, first I will be sad. However, that sadness will not remain the same. To reinvigorate my feeling, I will accept this fact with whole heart and start living the rest of my day happily. I will live in such a way that it will be very fruitful for my colleagues, family and society. If I have enough wealth, I will donate it to the welfare of human civilization. I will share my knowledge to the advancement of humankind. I will hand over my assets to humanitarian organization. I will advocate about the importance of education for the prosperity of the whole world. I will emphasize about woman participation in nation building process. I will speak against the feudalistic approach of society which underestimates the power of young women.  I will sow the seeds of honesty and faith in the heart and mind of young people. Till my last day, I will not stop preaching the importance of world peace and advancement of human civilization. I will air my voice against illicit and nude custom which is dragging back this human culture to an end. I will opt the jigsaw approach to live life happily. Last but not least, I  will love my beloved with the same sentiments till my last breathe bestowing all my love of life upon her.