Sun, 10 Dec, 2023

Kindness And Respect

By Abhusan Gautam

Kindness is the most valuable gift you can give to someone. Kindness is contagious; they spread when shared. A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. When you help someone in need and they thank you with all of their heart the feeling you feel at that moment is unbeatable. Self-satisfaction, inner-peace and reasons to be happy are all connected with kindness. Kindness & respect: they are very important aspects of being a DWITian. Everyone is expected to be respectful, dutiful and kind to their colleagues, teachers and staff members. On 9th September, our English mentor, Menosh, gave the students of 2017 batch an assignment which required them to do good things for seven days.  To get started, she even gave us “SMILE” cards on the first day. The “SMILE” cards had an act of kindness inscribed on them. Many of us got a task that we wouldn’t normally do, but would impact another person’s life. The tasks were easy and had to do something with being kind to others [usually people out of your comfort zone]. Everyone was delighted to try something new. The proceeding Tuesday i.e. 16th September, everyone came with a journal of what they did for the past 7 days. We were all happy to share our acts of kindness and the feeling we felt after we had done it. Everyone had done something incredible and everyone wanted to share their happiness. Hence, The DWIT NEWS club has collected and listed some of the amazing acts of kindness: Rojina Shrestha, of 2017 A, had made a custom hand-knitted mobile case for our wonderful mentor Menosh. Menosh was very surprised and was jubilant and she hugged her. Rojina was awe-struck and very pleased. “That moment is something I’ll cherish forever. The hand-knitted cover was the first thing I gave to someone. When I gave her the cover, everyone cheered and clapped, that made me even happier. This has given birth to my determination of helping others and being kind to everyone.” –Rojina. Shreha Regmi and Asmita Subedi, both members of the DWIT NEWS club are extremely kind people and they simply couldn’t miss the opportunity to help someone in need. Here is what happened, in their own words: “I was excited about the tasks we were asked to do and a journal we had to write about on it. At the very first day, I and Shreha got to meet an old grandmother on our way, she asked us to help her cross the road. We held her hands and helped her cross the roads. She was too thankful and we were delighted and obviously happy too ☺. We felt that we were blessed with love and happiness.” -Asmita. “We were on our way to home and on the way, we saw an old lady who needed help to cross the road. So, we both helped her cross the road and we came back with big smiles on our faces. It felt really nice. It's nice to help people and I know that it is very easy to help from our mouth, but when we bring our words into action, it’s like there is a different feeling and it makes you too happy. ☺”  - Shreha. Kindness comes in all forms; you can contribute much towards your society just by being kind to others. Change can be kind too. Umesh Dhungana, student of 2017 A, was assigned to do something extraordinary that day. Here is what he did: “One task that I did for something better was the task assigned by Menosh. I was asked to design signs to reduce the water wastage and post it around my neighborhood I designed it and posted it in the wall front of my house gate. I was sad not to see that post after returning from my college. My work was not appreciated. But I tried for change and I am happy for that.” Sometimes, while being kind to others, we tend to forget our parents. Barsha Dahal, another DWIT NEWS club member, said she was sad since she missed her Dad’s birthday and to make up, she gave her dad a surprise birthday party. Her dad was obviously surprised and indeed very grateful. This had made her very happy and taught her a valuable lesson. In her own words, here is what happened: “I gave a surprise treat to my father. We actually forgot my dad’s birthday, which was on Monday. I was feeling so sorry for him. I forgot my dad’s birthday! That feeling was haunting me. So, I decided to give him surprise treat. I went to his office with my mom and asked him to come with me. At night I took him to Nanglo bakery cafe. I had said to the waiters to keep a cake on the table. When my dad saw the cake he knew what I was trying to do. He was surprised and just smiled. He was speechless. Awwww... My dad is so cute! ☺ I could see the happiness in his eyes. That time I realized if we want to be happy, at first we have to spread happiness among our parents. That was the best gift I got in my dad’s belated birthday!” Kindness can be in all forms. Whether you realize it or not, you are being kind or unkind to others, every moment as you socialize. Even wishing other person “good morning” is an act of kindness. Saying “Thanks for everything” to our parents will make their day. It doesn’t have to be very big task to show your kindness, so why not? Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone contributed, just a little? “The DWIT NEWS team would like you to take the “SMILE” challenge. You are now tagged. Show kindness to others or do something that will help others. Feel free to post in the comments section”.