Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Kill Some to Save Many

By Dipesh Poudel

Look at her, she looks so beautiful and innocent. Her beauty and innocence will not matter anymore because I am going to kill her. As I sing mi blade across her throat I can see all the things that she had done to set up a meeting of her throat with my blade. It included human trafficking, hobby of killing young boys after torturing them and the list goes on. People like her are disease of human race and I am the cure.

I was born in the middle of battlefield. My mother died right after giving birth to me and my father died in that battle. I learned how to kill efficiently at an early age and killed many enemy in many battles that I fought. The war was over but I did not stop killing. Now I kill demons camouflaged as human beings. I follow this dark path so that other can walk in sunshine.

The path I have taken maybe not a good one but it is only one I can take. In battle I have learned that to save many few have to die, few have to suffer so that many can be happy. I am applying what I have learned outside of the battlefield.