Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Khukuri: My Favorite Tool

By Amun Kharel

Picture Courtesy: DWIT News If I were to place an object in an international exhibition, I would choose Khukuri because I am a son of Gorkhali, and it is my favorite tool. Khukuri, a Nepalese weapon is a symbol of bravery which scared enemy to the distance, and kept peace in our country. Khukuri is an international gift if you treat us with love and respect, but it will sting you like a viper in case you decide to show animosity towards the country of peace, where Buddha was born. Nepal is a sovereign nation, but we are not new to the concept of political interference from our neighboring nations. We are landlocked and a small country, but our heart is warm, welcoming, and bigger than the Himalayas. In the same time, we are known to taste the blood of those hostile eyes. Khukuri is the symbol, which shows us how brave we were in the past, and a gentle reminder for other nations to back off. We are the sons of Gorkhali. We have the same blood streaming through our veins. Khukuri, a gentle reminder for the vulture eyes, shows how strong we are. We have never been ruled by any other nation throughout the ancient history. Khukuri is the very spirit of our souls saying, “You can kill our body, but never our soul. Don’t even think about it.” It is an object of art; it symbolizes bravery. It is mixed with the blood and sweat of our ancestors, who never reached to the point of retreat, instead died with their head held high, and with the look of pride in their face. Sure, our enemies are ahead in technology; they try to scare us with their fancy machineries, cowering behind the face of technology and affluence. But little do they know, impending doom is inevitable. Every human empire, which has ever been built, comes with an expiration date; vanity strikes, evolution happens, but one thing for sure never dies. Bravery never dies, and Khukuri is my favorite tool, as it is the gentle reminder of that spirit. Back Off!!