Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Khokana, Yet Another Victim of the Massive Earthquake

By Ruby Shrestha

Photo: Khokana area after the earthquake Photo Courtesy: Ruby Shrestha

prayfornepalAfter having explored Bungamati, an area excessively impacted by the quake of 25th April, we couldn’t help ignore Khokana. Khokana, not far away from Bungamati, is yet another victim of the massive earthquake. Broken houses, broken hopes, broken temples, broken hearts and sad faces enveloped the aura of the place.

But again, there were groups of people joining hands to help the ones in need, to provide them with all the services that they could, to lend their hands to help the place and its citizens rise again!

Based on 3rd May Below are some conversations that we thought would provide our readers with good information about the state of Khokana.


Sajana Maharjan, Student, Lalitpur Nursing Campus

She was volunteering in the health camp near the entrance of Khokana.

[caption id="attachment_6610" align="aligncenter" width="972"]Conversing with Sajana Photo Courtesy: Saurav Tuladhar Conversing with Sajana Maharjan
Photo Courtesy: Saurav Tuladhar[/caption]

“Can you introduce us to the work you and your team have been doing?”

Sure. We carry out check-ups of the patients who visit our health camp and provide them with necessary medicine and suggestions. We are related with Khokana Upaswathya Health Post. All of us are from Lalitpur Nursing Campus and are volunteering here so that the people of this area can have easy access to health services. We start at around 9-9:30 am and run the camp till around 7-8 pm. Our health camp has been in progress for over 4 days and we hope to continue our effort.

“Which organizations fund and support the health camp?”

There are different organizations and public health related institutions that fund and support us. The government also helps us. Today, an organization called Americares are helping us with the medicines.

“Any measures for sanitation?”

Yes, we have been using Piyush to purify water for the people of Khokana.

[caption id="attachment_6614" align="aligncenter" width="900"]The Health Camp towards the entrance of Khokana Photo Courtesy: Ruby Shrestha The Health Camp towards the entrance of Khokana
Photo Courtesy: Ruby Shrestha[/caption]


Ravi Singh, Organizer, Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee Relief Camp

[caption id="attachment_6613" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Getting to know Ravi Singh's and his team's contributions for the quake victims Photo Courtesy: Saurav Tuladhar Getting to know Ravi Singh's and his team's contributions for the quake victims
Photo Courtesy: Saurav Tuladhar[/caption]

“Can you please brief us about the help you are providing in the area?”

We have a committee in Delhi called Delhi SGPC (Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee). I have called a group of Sikhs from there to help the earthquake victims in Nepal with free food service and health services. We work for the entire day providing free food to the people of Khokana. And, not only Khokana, we cover Bungamati and Sankhu areas as well. In the morning, we provide milk to the babies and tea for other locals; we provide lunch, dinner and take care of food services as much as we can. We do not prevent anyone from coming in. Whoever comes in, we provide them with food. Here, in Khokana, we feed more than 9000 people every day and in Sankhu, we feed more than 22,000 people every day.

“Does the government provide you with any support?”

No, we are not related to the government. We have a committee and we work on our own.

“Is it your first time carrying out such humane deed, or have you been involved before as well?”

Being a Sikh, we are taught to help when we are very young. We have a Langar in Gurdwara where we are taught how to cook and how to serve. Our religion is based on help and we do not hesitate to do any kind of help. It’s a way of life.

To quote some, this same team has helped people in Uttrakhand and Kashmir during the floods.

[caption id="attachment_6612" align="aligncenter" width="900"]3_2 Generous volunteers working in the relief camp
Photo Courtesy: Ruby Shrestha[/caption]