Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2014- “No Child Born to Die”

By Ashmita Kunwar

The Kathmandu Kora cycling challenge is organized once a year on the third Saturday of July. This practice started in 2011 with 35 riders. Any individual from any country can participate in this challenge. Everyone gathers here in Kathmandu for the challenge. This is not simply a competition, but there is a social cause behind this event. It has been already organized three times and every year, the donations collected from the events were donated to social causes. In 2011,with 30 riders, the organizers collected half a million Nepali rupees for the schools and orphanages of the Kathmandu Valley. In the second year,the goal behind the event was to upgrade the birthing facility of Rukum and altogether they succeeded to collect a million rupees. And in the third event, the number of riders increased by a large number and was about 300 to 800 with the donation reaching about 1.7 million. It was used for improving birthing facility in Baitadi. “No child born to die”is the slogan of this event which is going to be held on 19th July, 2014. It is projected that the event is going to be a bigger one since it beholds a bigger aim. As usual, this is going to take place around Kathmandu Valley. The participants can undertake a personal challenge of either 50 km or 75km or 100 km ride, as per their choice, around Kathmandu valley. The organizers have planned to build a birthing facility in Pyutar, South Lalitpur with the donations that will be collected.The goal is to collect two million for Pyutar and build Eco-designed building, providing the best facilities for women and children. They have a simple principle and that is “No more minimum standards for our women and children.” Kora If you want to be part of this event and give the best form our side to serve the women and the children of Pyutar, Lalitpur you can register for free. They will just request to raise Rs. 100 for each km you ride by asking your friends, family members,companies or anyone by letting them know about the motive behind the donation collection. However, this is voluntary. Where and when? Saturday, July 19th,2014 from 7 A.M To 5 P.M (NPT) Kathmandu, Nepal. For more information you can contact: Social tours & KCC 2020