Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Kathmandu And Pollution

By Ashmita Thapa

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Kathmandu, the heart of our nation, has been getting polluted by the increasing number of the residents every year. According to a recent study, the population of the city is 1.003 million (2011). Undoubtedly, the population has increased significantly after the study was conducted. There were 208,483 vehicles registered in Kathmandu during the fiscal year 2012-2013.  The number of vehicles here in Kathmandu has however been unchecked and unorganized. The arrival and departure time of the vehicles are unmanaged. Because of the large population and two-lane roads, the everyday traffic jams we suffer are inevitable.

Considering these everyday problems that Nepali people face, the government of China has decided to help by increasing the size of Chakrapath road- extending it to eight lanes from Kalanki to Koteshwor. The total length of this extension will be 9 Km. The present 27 Km long ring-road was also constructed with the help of Chinese aid decades ago.  After the completion of this portion of the ring road, the government is planning to extend the remaining portion of the road. The project was estimated to complete in 3.5 years however due to the earthquake, there has been some delay in the project. The budget of the project is approximately 4-5 billion.

After the completion of this project, the traffic management in Kathmandu is expected to improve. It is believed that the traffic management will also be improved in the road intersections at Gwarko, Satdobato, and Kalanki.