Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Justin Trudeau: The Change We Need

By Rojan Maharjan

Justin Trudeau is the current prime minister of Canada. He is the second youngest Canadian Prime Minister after Joe Clark. He is also the son of former Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau.  He was born on December 25, 1971. He had a privileged childhood. He could travel around the world with his dad, and also had the opportunity to meet several world leaders. Richard Nixon, the then President of the United States said, “I’d like to toast to the future prime minister of Canada: To Justin Pierre Trudeau.”, and it did come true in the elections of October 2015.

Before being elected as the Prime Minister of Canada, he worked as a teacher for many years in Vancouver. Apart from that, he had acted as a legendary soldier in the historical TV movie The Great war in 2007. He also proved to be a skilled boxer when he defeated the conservative senator Patrick Brazeau in a charity boxing match.

He didn’t focus much on the politics of his country in his early years, but following his father’s death, he became more and more involved. After he proved to be a rising political force, he became the Liberal Party’s leader in 2013. Within two years, he led his party to a remarkable victory, where they won majority in the parliament.

After being elected, he has pledged to raise taxes for the wealthy, and lowering taxes for the middle class. He has also vowed to legalize marijuana, which would save a lot of money for the government, and even taxing it so it wouldn’t be accessible to everyone. Trudeau also has tried to make Canada as helpful to refugees as possible, by doing immediate processing of 25000 Syrian refugees and a $100 million investment into helping Canada resettle and process refugees more quickly. Some of these are already set in motion.

So, now we must ask what people of Nepal can learn from the prime minister of Canada. He is a shining example of how politicians should be like. Typically, Nepali politicians are very old, and most of their ideas and visions are outdated. The Prime Minister chair is passed from one politician to other, and each one of them don’t bring much of a change than the next one. This has been happening for decades, and by now we must somehow realize that the system is very wrong. If we want change and development in Nepal, we need someone like Trudeau, someone with ideas and goals which are ideal for the whole nation, and not only for them and their bank accounts. Most people tend to equate age with experience. The older you are; the more experience you have. This has been proved wrong by Justin Trudeau, who is only 44 years old, and is the leader of Canada.