Sun, 26 May, 2024

Just a Good Bad Dream

By Pratyush Nepal

It all started out in a dark dull room. The vision by far, I remember was blur and blunt. My soul was trying to escape my body for the laceration of veins due to the pain that life had given me. Memories of my childhood flickered by .The pain was growing meteorically, and I was slowly but steadily going into the trance of afterlife. The soul really went into a final breaking point escaping and going into the vortex of the other side. All I thought was almost over when suddenly an angel came out and pulled me out of the vortex. I went through the lime lapse of the good things life had played in my life. In the pursuit of certain uncanny things, I really forgot about the good stuffs life had to offer. The once hateful stuffs were all out and oriental clouds of pure stuffs started going in. Once useless life all made sense. Life was really Euphoric as there was a new fresh start to life. The paranoia was now finally over and all the horrific events were now just a good bad dream.