Sun, 01 Oct, 2023

Jumping In

By Hilary Towle

The first words that came to mind after attending this past week’s DWIT News Club meeting were, “organized,” “motivated,” and “energized.” Having just arrived on campus as the English faculty and supervisor for the DWIT News Club, I have jumped right in to my new roles by teaching classes and attending meetings. After attending my first News Club meeting last Wednesday, I was asked to write an article for the upcoming paper describing my initial impressions of the club and its members. I walked away from the meeting impressed by the organization and execution of the meeting, especially by club president Ruby. The meeting ran seamlessly with Ruby going through the list of paper segments that needed new articles, and club members either volunteering or being assigned to write an article for each segment.

Out of curiosity, I asked the members what their favorite segments of the newspaper are. I received a wide range of answers with almost each member having a different favorite. These differences in interests lends itself to a natural division of work among the club members—those who have an interest in the Lifestyle section, for example, more often volunteer to write the article for the Lifestyle section of DWIT News for that week. I was also struck by the creative ideas for topics the News Club members came up with to report on. Some members came to the meeting prepared with a creative idea for an article, such as the ongoing debate about whether or not Nepal should be a secular state. The club members showed enthusiasm when briefing Ruby on the topic about which they wanted to write, and members supported one another’s ideas.

I am excited for the opportunity to work with such a dedicated, enthusiastic, and passionate team of students in order to provide meaningful, relevant, and entertaining news to the Deerwalk community.