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Journey in the News Club Till Date

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DWIT News has reached its 50th edition today. Here is the opinions of the team members about their journey in the News Club so far:

At the beginning, it was very hard for me to cope up with my studies and the club activities as I have never been into clubs before. The DWIT News Club has wonderful people from whom I have learn a lot of things. All in all, my journey with the DWIT News Club till date has been great. Thank you for all your encouragement and support. Aasha Poudel

It’s been great working with awesome people in the club. Club meetings are really fun. My writing has improved. My work ethic has improved. I hope to write interesting and thought provoking articles in the future. Shrijak Shrestha

I have been associated with DWIT News from its infancy and I have been involved in its growth and its life till date. I have been part of its highs and lows, setbacks and breakthroughs, overcome its reshuffling, and I somehow feel really buoyant that it’s been able to reach to its 50th issue today. Working with my team for 50 weeks has indeed been a lot of fun, though sometimes it led to confusions and infuriation which I consider to be a part of working in team. The best part is I’ve learnt a lot working together with beautiful people, being supported by an awesome mentor, forming bond, sharing ideas and giving life to my voice through my writings. I hope that we gain more of our readers’ love and I assure we’ll work harder for it. Ruby Shrestha

DWIT News has helped me a lot to grow as a person, as a reporter, as a writer and overall all. I have been to discover the ‘new me’ since I have started writing and now it has been my passion and I love writing about everything. All in all, it has been a delightful journey so far and most of all I have gathered wonderful memories with awesome bunch of people to cherish for the rest of the days at DWIT. Proud to be a member of DWIT News Club! :) :) Asmita Subedi

My time with the NEWS Club has been one of the most cherished moments in my college life.  I joined the club to follow my passion of writing. It has given me so many happy moments, such good friends and there has never been a day where I regretted being in the club. News Club meetings have helped to improve my social interaction and the meetings are my ‘most-awaited’ time in college days. Our mentors are lovely, the editors are incredibly talented and the reporters are very, very creative and it’s a pleasure to be working with such intellectual personalities. My time with club is like a joy ride, a roller coaster except that it never goes down. Abhushan Gautam

I feel myself fortunate to be a part of the DWIT News family. I got to learn a lot of things through this platform. I have realized that I have come a long way ahead. Though at the starting, I had no idea about how I would be pursuing further, but gradually, the coordination from all the members helped me. The people corner made me learn a lot from great personalities and get inspired from them. The weekly meetings were full of wonders. This club has helped me to enhance my creativity. Lastly, writing is an art itself and I wish to learn more ahead. Utkrista K.C.

During my high school, I had become acutely aware about the importance of writing English. The desire to increase my vocabulary and explore the English language, which is even useful for GRE test, made me join the DWIT News Club. I consider it to be the best platform to learn and explore English. I have noticed some improvements in my writings. More than English, I am learning about team work with the most wonderful people in the club. In each and every meeting of the club, I have learned how different mind and people can work together to complete a task.  This will certainly be useful for me in my future. I hope to learn more and more from the News Club. Lastly, it is very good to work with all the wonderful people and I am very glad to be a part of it. Navaraj Kharel My days in DWIT News Club have been awesome. I always wanted to improve my writing skills and to improve writing skills we have to write something. And it's always boring to write without any reasons. DWIT News Club has given me reason to write. I am not really good at writing but my writing has improved since I joined the club. I know it will help me improve further. Ashish Bikram Lamichhane I feel honored to be the part of this wonderful club. Indeed, DWIT News has boosted up my confidence in English writing. In the small period of time, I feel like I really have brushed up my writing skills. I want to improve and learn more and more than this in future. Anish Thakuri The journey has been short but memorable to remember by.  Writing every Saturday on something has really helped me improve my writing skills. At first, I forced myself into it because it was a completely tedious task to write on a topic. But I got used to it; actually I liked writing on weekends. Later on, I got writing on topic researching myself and topic which interested me. I have two awesome editors (Ruby Di and Bimal Dai) who make me curious to check my own article in the news site and see some awesome changes. I have enjoyed my club experience throughout the semester. Now I will be writing whenever I feel like it. Amun Kharel Well my journey in DWIT News Club has been really awesome. I cherish the writing skills I have gained and the friendly people I found in this club. Shila Parajuli  I have been a part of the News team since the very beginning. I have gone through lots of changes regarding the team and the news site itself. I have gained a lot being a member of this fantastic team. I have been able to approach and share my thoughts through writing. Feels like I have transformed my thoughts and the way of thinking. I am really proud of the team members who work hard and share an intimacy with each other. They have taught me to become a better person and a team player in every step of this crucial journey. 50th Edition seems really jubilant. Very proud to come this far. Keep visiting us; we will become more refined and stronger in the coming days. Bimal Gaire As this is my first semester and the first club that I have joined at DWIT is News Club. I found this journey interesting, enjoyable and it is the process of learning new things also. During my journey in News Club, I have learned many new things. It helps to elaborate my writing skills. The best aspect of News Club is not only that it helps to elaborate our writing skills but it also teaches the good lesson about team work. I am happy and proud to be a part of News Club. Sabin Pathak Being a member of the DWIT News Club has been an exciting time for me. Writing has always helped me get my thoughts out and clear my mind. It has always been something I am interested in. Seeing how I write and how my fellow club members write, I feel that I can always do more. DWIT News has many articles written by great student writers and I feel very lucky to be a part of this amazing and wonderful club. Kundan Shumsher Rana "" I still remember, this text was displayed on the screen by our academic director when he first introduced the idea of launching a news site in DWIT. When we started, I never thought we will go this organized and in a timely manner. Frankly, 'Writing' was not my cup of tea but I just thought to give it a try. And, despite the ups and downs in the journey, I have enjoyed and learned a lot. Going though reporter to editor, I have got additional duties. Now, I can confidently say that I can write a small piece of anything without much blush, I have improved my vocabulary and grammar as well. And, thanks to all wonderful people from whom I have learned even more. Asmit Ojha I have been a part of DWIT News from the scratch level and it has now crossed 50th edition. Waah! Great achievement, congratulations to all of us. The moment here in DWIT News Club has been the most prolific episode that I have experienced which has helped me to fill the empty vessel within me with the skill of writing. Keep writing and reading! Ashmita Kunwar Each moment that I've spent being a part of the News Club has been memorable. I have learnt a lot and have experienced a growth in my writing and communication skills. Keep supporting us. Ankit Pradhan