Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Jeff Gasser: A Man of Inspiration

By Asmita Subedi

Jeff Gasser, the president of Deerwalk Inc., a successful entrepreneur, offered his valuable time to share some of his life experiences with the students at DWIT despite his busy schedule and time. He is a responsible business man  with a wonderful  and impressive personality.

Sharing his experience, he talked about his high school days back in 1976, where he, along with his friends had got drunk and drove at the speed of 120 km/hr at midnight and had an almost fatal accident. It was terrifying to know how his car flipped over 3 times, bouncing along the street and how he passed out hitting the windshield and landed 100 m away from the car near the golf course. At that moment, he was badly bruised, bled and screaming in pain, his entire life flashed before him. Then suddenly out of the blue, in the dark night there came a person (whom he considers  the guardian angel) rescued him and saved his life.

He was in a critical state and had broken several bones and had lost almost 80% of his blood. He had closely experienced death and all he thought was to make it through that night and so he kept on focusing in inhaling and exhaling. At that moment, he strongly desired to live and promised himself to make every effort and live a better life than before, changing his goal in life and turning it around for better. He considers that worst moment of his life to also be the best one, because his life turned around from that point which made him a different person. He says, “I would have been a completely different person if that incident hadn’t occurred to me.”

Then he talked about entrepreneurship and success. He started with how he challenged himself and took risks in life evaluating the worst and best consequences. He believes that one should always take chances and risks in life to be successful. He says, “One who is unwilling to take risks and give up on chances in life is an ultimate failure.”  He beautifully quoted successes and failures as “some are magic and the rest is tragic.”

He highlighted the importance of friendship and meeting people depicting his own story about how he met his friends and started a company called “D2hawkeye” together with our chairman, Rudra Pandey. He added, “Friendship is precious. Never miss any chance to build friendships in your life.”

The Q&A session turned out to be the most interactive one. He was kind enough to welcome about a dozen questions from the students and also awarded them with chocolates. He gave further enlightenment  regarding how to be consistent in our dreams and being positive with life. His final words were, “The harder you work, the luckier you get!!”