Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

JAVA Classes being held at DWIT

By Shreha Regmi

DWIT is conducting extra classes related to programming for outsiders. In addition to the extra classes that are provided to the DWIT students, DWIT regularly conducts classes and workshops for students and professionals outside DWIT who are willing to learn and try new things out. Right now, Java classes are being held inside the college premises where people from different places come to learn. Before, there were workshops conducted on four different languages for the Deerwalkers themselves. And now, DWIT has provided a wonderful platform to all the people who want to learn programming and be a part of DWIT. The Java classes are conducted on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. On weekdays, the class starts from 4:30 pm and lasts till 6:30 pm, and on Saturday, the class run in the morning. A total of 20 students are attending the class. Some of the students are in their bachelors, while some of them have already completed their masters. There are people from various colleges attending the classes and also there are 7 students from Batch of 2015 along with them. Each student has to pay a total sum of Rs. 20,000 to the college for the whole course. And as for the students from Batch of 2015, the college is paying their fees. The classes are being conducted in the computer lab, where everyone can get access to a computer each. The class is a three months course. The course for the class is divided into three modules. The three modules are Basic Course, Intermediate Course and Advanced Course. Every module will be taught by three different teachers. Currently, they are studying the basic course and are being taught by Mr. Prabhat Jha. A member of the class says, "Right now, the classes are running in a very good manner and the classes conducted are effective enough." DWIT plans to launch more of such courses in the future and hence help people expose themselves to different languages. For additional information, contact: Rubeena Gurung, Assistant Admin Officer; Email: [email protected]; Phone: 4-485424.