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IT4D, One Question

By Prakriti Shree Tuladhar

During the IT4D conference, held on 31st July, 2016, the DWIT News interviewed some of the guests. They were asked the question “How do you liked the program so far? How can the program be improved?” And their replies were as follows: “This conference is extremely important because the optimal use of information technology is very important in developing countries in Nepal which has a lot of rural areas. To make this program better participation of people should be increased, the practicality of presentations should be optimized, concerned government authorities should be informed, like the Science and Technology Ministry and media participation should also be increased. It is a very important realization.” -Raju Sibakoti, Special Guest “I am enjoying a lot in this conference. The presentations are very exciting and knowledgeable. All ideas are very good. Being an IT student myself, I am very proud to be here. But the technical problems were distracting and an event conducted by a technical institution should avoid such distractions in the future.” -Capacity representative HCC, Giriraj Khatri "The program is wonderful. More quality paper could be introduced. Separation of the theme could be better. More audience should participate in the discussion session.” -Dr. Gokul Bhandari, Presenter "The program is good. It is more than my expectation. But, the time limit should be maintained. Due to the lack of time limit, the program went in a rush. More participation could be encouraged. Sponsors should be active.” -Sandeep Khadka, DWIT "The program is interesting. It’s motivational and conveys the messages. In every paper presented publication number is needed like ISSN NO. This way more quality paper could be introduced. “ -Rajesh Manandhar, Presenter "Seeing the humble beginning from 2012 it’s quite good. The technical aspect like mike, power supply could be managed properly. The paper quality should be improved. At last, there is every aspect that needs to be improved.” -Saroj Dhakal, Presenter “I am finding this conference to be very interesting and out of the box. Most conferences are theoretical but this is more practical. I especially liked the experience sharing of Syangja Diaries by Bhawana Dahal and Anil Shrestha.” -Subhi Pradhan, Manang Air “The program is good. The technical aspects could be managed better. There is an age gap between us and most of the people here as there are very less young people. There should the involvement of all ages in such conferences. Also, more people should be informed about this events. We ourselves found out about this only yesterday.” -Sailesh Mainali, Anijit Sibakoti and Bigyan Pandey, Student Participants “This program is very good. e-Learning is very important. Flipped classes is a great idea. Even though flipped classes is run as a DWIT program, other teachers from other schools can also be involved to make the classes even better.” -Bhuwan Kumar Shrestha, Special Guest “I am very happy to be a part of this program. However, I do think that there should be ample female presenters in this program. Out of 16 presenters, there are no females at all. I do not know if the people themselves didn’t come forward or weren’t approached by the conference. This conference is very fun but I do think that people should take care of the time constraints.” -Anukriti Shrestha, MC “I am actually really liking this program. I got to know about different things which I had no idea about in spite being an IT student. However, I do think that people should respect time more and make the program a success in the terms of both time and context.” -Shreha Regmi, Class Representative, Batch 2017   “Conferences  are always a good approach. On top of that, this event had much more to offer. As a tech-line person, we should be able to see these events more than just a regular pitching session. Here we get to learn about different paradigms inside of IT itself. Experience sharing from various persons springs out ideas among ourselves as well. We can embrace those experiences and ideas to learn different scenarios other than we are involved with. Collaboration is another possible perk from today’s event. We get to know and meet many enthusiastic entrepreneurs and learn about their blooming ideas and approaches. The program was overall good and I cannot think about many possible improvements. However, the pitching participants still could have prepared for a prior abstract, so that many of the audiences would not find themselves left out. We can even think of a virtual conference platform where there would be a list of every interested entrepreneur and their respective approached idea. That way we can make such events even more productive and beneficial.” -Prakash Neupane, Presenter     Organizers of the conference were also asked some questions. “How was this event better than the one before and how can this be made even better the next time?” This event was comparatively better than the last one, the management was smoother and the program quality was better. But the level of screening process was not enough and the quality of presentations can be further improved. To make this program better next year, we are going to fix the date of the conference from today onward so that preparations can be started much earlier. This gives much more time for the papers. We are also planning to implement the screening of papers on an international level. Peer review will be a collaborative approach and will make the conference more qualitative. -Surendra Nath Adhikari, Campus Chief DWIT This conference evolve each year and becomes better. This year there was less planning. Paper quality needed improvement. For the next year, we are going to give people one year notice of the conference. We are going to make the presentation quality even better and the presentations fun to listen to. The presentations will be more practical than theoretical and we will involve many international presenters. -Rudra Pandey, Chairperson of DWIT Image: DWIT