Sun, 26 May, 2024

IT4D Conference : “E-education and E-health”

By Asmita Subedi

IT4D conference is a forum where professionals from different disciplines exchange their experiences and knowledge about the power and capabilities of Information Technology.  The conference focuses on discussions regarding how the prodigious leap in human and economic development can be achieved through sustainable and strategic use of IT. It also aims at finding ways to harness IT for democracy, social equity, and economic advancement in developing countries like Nepal. The first IT4D conference was held in Nepal in 28th July 2012. The conference was a huge success. 104 delegates and participants and 34 different organizations took part in the conference. 12 papers for various programs were presented and the conference ended with a hike at the end. A leading IT college in Nepal, Deerwalk Institute of Technology, is organizing second IT4D international conference on Information Technology on 27th, July 2014 at Hotel Annapurna, Kathmandu. The focus of this conference is to have discussions regarding policy and governance issues in IT, access, accessibility and logical division in Nepal, entrepreneurship and empowerment, open source software, cloud computing and more. The primary theme of this year's conference is 'e-education and e-health'. Where and when? Second Annual International Conference on Information Technology for Development (IT4D) At Hotel Annapurna, Durbar Marg,  Kathmandu Nepal. From 25th to 27th July 2014. Conference fees: Students: Rs.2000 Regular attendees: Rs 4000 For more details: