Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

IT4D, 2017 One Question

By Aakankshya Shrestha

Photo: IT4D
During the IT4D conference, held on 30th July 2017, the DWIT News interviewed some of the guests. They were asked the question “How do you like the program so far? How can the program be improved?” And their replies were as follows: “This event has been very interactive and fruitful. I have found it to be very interesting, so I have been actively participating. This panel discussions and presentations have been very interactive. I believe that these sorts of opportunities will be helpful to the scholars and they should be provided more often. The feedback from the judges is very constructive.” Anila Jha, Presenter   “The discussions that have been going on about e-learning, open education, online courses and the queries that we got from the audience have been really appreciated. The workshop that was conducted on Day 1 of IT4D has proved to be very helpful for researchers in research writing. The panel discussions, which has been added at this time, has made it more interactive and which is usually practiced in International conferences. The paper level has been just as good if not better in this year’s conference. This time, the degree of engagement of the audience has hugely increased. Also, the keynote speech is always a significant part of any conference, which was really inspiring this time.” Mr. Manoj Shakya, Assistant Professor of Kathmandu University   “Conference has been amazing. I think you learn more from the students than from the teachers because there are some beautifully presented thoughts in these presentations. The term 'intellectual osmosis' comes to my mind, there was some very thought provoking ideas. The way this Institute, DWIT is built on the philosophy that induces an intellectual reflux, a critical intellectual mass coming back to the country in a positive way. DWIT has been a great inspiration for me.” Rehan Hyder, World Bank   “There is a lot of obstacles in learning, there is a lot of research being conducted on the subject. I think there were many wonderful speakers that did the subject justice. Each year, something new is added to the conference. This conference is a very commendable thing done by DWIT and it must be given continuity.” Dr. Manish Pokhrel, Panelist   “In my perspective, it is a good initiative and had a good start. Still, there is a room for improvement. Some of the papers were exceptionally good but still, there were some papers, which had room for improvement before they were accepted.” Dr. Sunil Chaudhary, DWIT   “It was the first time I attended a program like this. I must say it was a wonderful experience. It definitely taught me many things and helped me broaden my knowledge about e-learning and IT. Participation of students like us should be highly encouraged.” -Moon Shrestha, MC   “The program overall was amazing. The time limit for each presentation seemed a bit insufficient to me. With each presenter taking more time than expected, it was a bit hard to stick to the schedule.” -Avina Nakarmi, Class Representative 2020