Thu, 22 Feb, 2024

Is Right For CIAA Chief to Maintain His Position?

By Raju Shrestha

The Commission for Investigation of Abuse and Authority (CIAA) is the highest constitutional body to control corruption and its tentacles in the country. The constitution of Nepal has empowered CIAA to investigate against the person holding any position in public institutions as well as his/her associates who are suspected to be involved in the abuse of authority by means of corruption or improper conduct. As a whole, CIAA is the distinctive anti-corruption agency. Most of us have been adversely affected by corruption and directly or indirectly this is due to the result of the faulty working of CIAA and the government. Recently, CIAA Chief Lokman Singh Karki was found ignoring the decision of the court. Instead of conducting his duties, he was found disobeying the law. He is following an autocratic system in doing such activities. He is not supporting an essential demand raised by Dr. K.C who is trying to improve the medical education and medical service system in Nepal. Instead of supporting Dr. KC’s demand, Lokman Sing Karki wants to give permission to establish new medical colleges and wants to earn huge amount of money at the cost of producing a large number of unqualified and inexperienced medical practitioner. Instead of punishing a person who is involved in corruption activities, he himself supports and is involved in such activities for the sake of money. Nepali political party Bibekshil Nepali along with Dr. KC, who has been organizing repeated hunger strikes demanded an impeachment of Karki and investigation of his properties. Dr. KC accused Mr. Karki of protecting corrupt people in the medical education sector and breaching his jurisdiction by interfering in MD and MS entrance examination at Kathmandu University. On 19th September 2016, 157 lawmakers of CPN(UML) and CPN Maoist-Centre filed an impeachment motion against Karki on the grounds of failure to fulfill the duties of office because of serious violation of constitution and law. With so many crimes and corruption cases filed against him, Karki should not remain on the post of CIAA chief. If he has some morality in him, then he should leave his position. Currently, Karki is suspended by the court following the impeachment motion but he is still living in the quarter provided by the government saying that he will work from there. This action makes it clear that Karki is a person who does not care and follows the rules and regulation of the country. If he still remains in the same position then it will only encourage public officials to be involved in corruption. And with the widespread of this disease, public sectors such as education, health, and developmental activities will be adversely affected. So it is high time that every Nepali must decide whether to forgive Karki and give him a chance to remain as CIAA chief or stand against him to make room for another CIAA chief.