Fri, 23 Feb, 2024

Irishway, How it all began: My childhood memories

By Iris Raj Pokharel

The experiences that I have gained till date are unforgettable. It goes without saying that my childhood was more than just a learning experience. I shall always cherish those memories! The story I’m about to share is a story not only of my childhood but also of the lessons that I have learned throughout my childhood. On the day of 18th June, the youngest son of the family was born to Mr Binaya Raj Pokharel and Manju Sitaula Pokharel; it was one of the happiest moments in life for the Pokharel Family. I was given my name, Irish, by my aunt. That’s how an inquisitive bright child came into existence with unfolded stories and undecided future. At the age of three, I was admitted to a school, Prativa Academy, Birtamod, Jhapa. I still remember crying and shouting at my mother for leaving me in the school alone with crowds of strangers. Time breezed by and at the age of six, we moved to our hometown Bhadrapur, where my grandparents stayed. Now came the phase where I spent my longest childhood days. I was admitted to grade UKG in Emerald Academy Higher Secondary School. By this time, I was used to going school and talking to friends, and sometimes fighting too. As I grew up, I turned into one of the brightest students in my school with either 2nd or 3rd position in my class. I was that kind of student who always used to complete the homework in the school itself to save my time for cartoons and tinkle digest (favorite comic book till date). The flow of cartoons like Pokemon, Beyblade was too damn high forme. I had a pet dog named Tommy, who was my best friend at that time. I enjoyed playing with him and sharing the vegetables that I did not like but was forced to eat. As a part of my childhood, I was introvert in nature and did not talk much with people. I had limited friends. Talking about holidays, we were given half holiday on Fridays and a full holiday on Saturdays. I had both my days reserved. On Fridays, I used to go on a drive with my grandfather to the park where he used to buy me my favorite chocolates. I was much interested in how the tea processing was done. So I used to plead with my father to take me to the processing site on the weekends and spend my whole day there. Oh, how I miss that phase, where travelling was all about sitting on the first seat of the car, sipping some “Frootie”  and listening to the songs of Ram Krishna Dhakal. From grade 2, I and my brother started doing home tuitions which, at the time seemed like a big burden, but I miss those moments now. Irish had finally grown into a mature kid. I still remember the mischief I and my brother had done. I want to share one of the most mischievous acts I had ever done in my childhood. It was the time I was in grade 8, I was just taught to drive a car in straight direction by my brother; one day when I was home alone, I thought of driving the car not in straight, but in the reverse direction, and proudly brag about it to my dad. That was the worst decision I had ever made. While driving, I broke both the rear lights of the car and also the brick wall near the garden. You cannot even imagine what my condition was when my parents returned home. Apart from those mischievous acts, I was also the one who created history in my school. I was the only student to get selected for the post of “Head Boy”, for two consecutive years (class 9 and class 10). This was the greatest achievement of my school life. I got the opportunity to experience handling pressure of school, developing leadership skills and finally getting my personality polished. Well, the final phase of my school life had come. Like every other graduating batch, my batch was also given holiday with a proper farewell program for the preparation of SLC. It was really very hard for me to leave the place where I had spent 12 glorious years of my life.  I still miss the fun I had in my childhood. I miss the smell of the tea gardens, I miss spending hours with my grandfather, the cartoons I used to watch, the fun I and my brother had and even the quarrels, the best memories I have made. ☺ These were some memories and moments of my childhood which I felt like sharing. I have many more phases to pass, many more springs to see and lastly many more successes to achieve. I would like to conclude my story with these short lines by Robert Frost: “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.