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Invigilator’s Rage towards Students Breaking Exam Rule Invited Chaos

By Dipesh Poudel

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On 24th June 2015, Wednesday, students of third semester studying BSC.CSIT in colleges inside the Kathmandu Valley were giving examination of Object Oriented Programming as per schedule in Sano Thimi Campus, Bhaktapur. Everything was going fine; students were giving exam, invigilators were monitoring students who were giving exam. The environment was peaceful and suddenly an incident occurred that threw entire exam center in chaos.

One of the invigilators of exam Mr. Jayanta Karki took paper of two students accusing them of copying answers from each other. When students apologized and asked their answer sheet back Mr. Karki said, “Just because you guys are from private college does not mean that you can do anything.” He then went out of the examination hall. Then one of those two students came out with him and said, “I tried to look answer from another student's answer sheet, she has done nothing wrong please give her paper back. In response the invigilator scolded the student with words that are not supposed to be spoken in public. When the student said Mr. Karki not to speak like that, in anger Mr. Karki grabbed his neck and tried to beat him. When other teachers saw this, they rushed for rescuing the boy. While doing so the teachers and that student got rains of kicks and punches. One of the teachers who found Mr. Karki's fist started bleeding from nose. After that, the police team there came and took students involved to the police station.

After sometime, the victim students filed a report against Mr. Karki and after 30 minutes Mr. Karki was brought to police station. Information received from some on-site observers indicates that Mr. Karki got physical even in the police station.

Afterwards, Mr. Karki said sorry and the matter was closed.