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Interview Tips for Getting Into Deerwalk

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According to the Everest List, Deerwalk ranks second among the top 10 IT companies in Nepal. Having been established just six years ago, that is, in 2009, it has indeed grown at a fast pace and is contributing technologically to help the US Healthcare Industry. Deerwalk Services, Nepal, is operating as a subsidiary of Deerwalk Inc., USA.

A lot of students, within and outside DWIT, are interested to get into Deerwalk Services as an intern and step up the ladder gradually to become a job holder. However, for that, the initial step they need to get through is the interview. Hence, DWIT News team decided to ask some managers at Deerwalk their opinion on “What are the top three aspects/things that Interviewers/ Managers at Deerwalk consider while taking interviews?” Here is what we received:

Jeevan Timilsina, Associate Software QA Manager

If we have to look for top three aspects, then those would be: 1. Knowledge on the subject matter 2. Learning attitude and 3. Logical thinking

Kanchan Raj Pandey, Design Manager

For me, the top three questions while taking interviews will probably be: 1. Why are you interested in this post? 2. How often do you update yourself (eg. website, technology, tools, etc.) 3. Do you love deadline in pressure?

Awanish Ranjan, Director of Data Engineering

I would consider the following as the top three aspects while taking interviews: 1. Personality 2. Domain Knowledge 3. Attitude

Alok Koirala, Director of Research and Development at DWIT

I would generally consider following three aspects primarily while taking interviews: 1. Access Problem Solving Skills: Describe about the difficult work situation / project you came across and how you overcame it. 2. Identify Interviewee Strengths/Skill Set: Why should I consider you for this position? What is your Strength/Weakness? 3. Access Interviewee Attitude: Why did you left your previous job? What is the perfect work environment for you?

Other questions that assists me in accessing interview attitude are: - What would you do if you made a mistake? - How do you handle stress/pressure? - Are you fine working late night/ on weekends? - What do you do if I ask you to do something beyond your capabilities?

Ashish Shrestha, Data Engineering Manager

It depends upon the vacancy and the role. I always believe in learning new things and able to share those knowledge to others. Generally for freshers, I would look mainly these things:

  1. Basic fundamental (software principles, model, data, etc)
  2. Is trainable?
  3. Sincerity and hard working.

For experienced, I would mainly look for following things:

  1. Process Knowledge
  2. Ability to train others
  3. Sincerity and hard working