Wed, 29 Jun, 2022

Interview: Menosh Appl

By Bidish Acharya

Menosh Appl, a certified English teacher, is recently appointed as an English teacher at Deerwalk Institute of Technology. In addition to teaching, she is also a new mentor for the DWIT News team. She is yet to begin her classes but she has already been involved in different meetings of the DWIT News team. To know more about her, Bidish, Ruby, and Bimal sat with her on 7th June, 2014. Q: Menosh, Thank you for taking some time to meet with us. A:  Thank you for calling me for an interview. Q: Tell us a little about your background… A: I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. I left Kabul when I was nine, and I moved to Pakistan with my family. And I lived in Pakistan for 5 years. Then, we moved to US. That’s my little background. Now you ask. (Smiling) Q: What did you study? A: I did my Bachelors in Psychology and minor in Biology. And, I did my Masters in Conflict resolution under public policy. Q: How did you get connected to Deerwalk? A: It’s just last week, when I met Surendra Adhikari. He said that Sristi (English Teacher at DWIT) has been teaching all the English classes and it’s a lot of teaching for her, we thought you could assist us. So, he asked if I could join in as an English teacher. I was a language teacher in USA so I said “Sure!” This week, I’m going to teach. Q: Where did you work prior to Deerwalk? A: Prior to Deerwalk, I worked for a Foreign Service Institute. There, I worked in the South Asia department as an instructor as well as a curriculum developer. Q: Tell us how do you feel about working for the DWIT News? A: So far, very good. I will see how it goes this week. I will go through all the articles. The team is very bright with really smart girls and very quiet guys, I’m sure they’re really smart too. At my previous job, I maintained a bi-weekly e-magazine, and a website for all instructors to upload their lesson plans, activities…so forth. So I do have a bit of experience with e-news. Q: What are some of your goals for the DWIT News in coming weeks? A: First, I would like to know all the members individually. I want to know who you are, I want to know who she is; I want to know everybody in the team. And, I want to see their strengths, like what are they capable of. Taking that in mind, I want to focus on nourishing that, to make that better. I would like to make you guys and girls, speak more, I will do that, I promise. Q: Tell us about the best accomplishment of your life… A: Best accomplishment of my life? Mmm... That’s a tough question. I think the best accomplishment of anybody’s life would be to wake up every day and not be disappointed at yourself. I mean that’s the best thing you can do. Going on with your life and not giving up ever. Q: Have you met Rudra Pandey Sir? A: No, I haven’t met him. I have only heard about him. They said that he is going to come in 2 weeks. Is he nice? (Everybody laughs) [Yes, he is…] Q: How do you feel about Nepal? A:  I like Nepal. I keep visiting different places in here. I like it. It is very different from Pakistan. It’s open and accepting. I want to go outside of Kathmandu and visit more places. But, there’s a lot of traffic in Kathmandu. I don’t like that very much. Q: What similarities do you find in Nepal and Pakistan (or Afghanistan?) A: The noise, you know the honking of cars, it’s very similar. Another is, the city is alive, it’s alive at night, and it’s alive at the day. The city has a pulse. Q: Do you have any teaching experience? A: Yeah. My first job was teaching. I taught first and second grade students at the age of 14. My 2nd job was also teaching. I taught history and social studies. And in my previous job, back in US, I taught languages. So, I’ve been a teacher all my life. And I taught English, when I went to Syria. I taught college students, so that’s my experience as a college teacher. And, I’m a certified English teacher. Q: You know Hindi language well, and you watch a lot of Bollywood movies. Tell us about your favorite Bollywood movie. A: Umm… ‘Dil Chahta Hai’. I love that movie. Q: Anything else you would like to share with DWIT News readers. A: I look forward for their honest feedback. We can surely improve if we get their honest feedback. We depend on them. The more we hear from them, the better it is for us. So, please tell us what you think. We are listening.