Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

An Interview With Ashim Regmi about "The DWIT Personal Profiler"

By Ankit Pradhan

DWIT College is focusing on building different products for the college. Those products will be led by the students themselves. The college is also trying to encourage students by telling them to build one product themselves and another one in groups. Recently two applications were proposed by the administration to be led by the students. The products are “The DWIT Personal Profiler” and “Request Tracker”.

The DWIT Personal Profiler will be led by Ashim Regmi and Dibyamshu Shrestha.

Here are some of the responses from Ashim Regmi:

What is the main theme of the project. Can you give a brief introduction about it?

The main theme of the project is to build a web application that keeps record of everyone at DWIT. That includes students, faculties, administrative and non-administrative staff.

Has the project started or are you still in the brainstorming phase?

We have already started the project. The requirements come in at each meeting we hold with the college management. We have created the backend design, and the skeleton of the application is complete. Soon after the exams are over we will again start working on integrating it with front end design.

What will be the main features of the product? Are you being paid? Will the deadline of project be met?

The main features of the product are:

a) Every students in DWIT will be able to view their academic performance (Exam scores, attendance, term paper evaluations) as well as non-academics (participation in various activities like DeerFest, football tournaments, etc.)

b) DWIT admin will be able to keep record of everyone at DWIT.

If the product proves to be good, the college has assured us that we will be paid. Though the amount has not been decided yet.

Also, the deadline is not fixed. May be a month or so.

Do you have enough resources to build the app?

This past Wednesday we announced yet another call for developers. Yes, I think now we are ready to go through with building the application. If need be, we will announce for more. As for any other resources, since we are building a software application and we have got the skills needed for developing the application, they are sufficient. All we need is a server for hosting the application, which will be provided by the IT-Club as mentioned by the college.

Do you think that this app will have a large scope?

Yes, of course. But, the current features are not sufficient for it to move on. We should be continuously make changes on it during the course of time. And, that's the reason for calling more developers from 2017 Batch, we will graduate in after about 2 years and someone has to keep on updating and maintaining the application.

As for the scope, I think it is very tedious and inefficient for DWIT administration to keep track of all the DWITIANS in excel sheets. This application will prove to be a better solution for that.

In next week’s NEWS edition, I will be writing about the interview with Abhishek Gupta, leader of the project “Request Tracker”. Please keep visiting DWIT News site to get more info about these applications.