Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

An Interview With Abhishek Gupta about "The Request Tracker"

By Ankit Pradhan

This is the second application that the college administration has proposed to the students. It is called “The Request Tracker” and will be led by Abhishek Gupta, a 3rd year student. Here are some of the questions that we had asked to Abhishek Gupta. Following are his responses: How did you get the chance to lead the project and what was your proposal?

  • Few weeks before the earthquake, Hitesh Karki, DWIT Academic Officer, had called students who were interested to build applications for college. He proposed the idea of two different applications, one was ‘The Personal Profiler’ and next was ‘The Request Tracker’. I decided to build Request Tracker, and designed a demo version of the application during the holidays. After the holidays, on one of the Deer Chautari session, I told Mr. Karki that I had built a demo version of this application and asked for its BRD (Business Requirement Document). After a few days, Bijay Shrestha, DWIT Academic Coordinator, called me to talk about this project and asked me to show a demo to the DWIT Admin team. Then I presented 'The Request Tracker' to Mr. Karki and Mr. Shrestha. After, the presentation I was given a chance to lead the project.
What is the main theme of the project? Can you give its brief introduction?
  • The main theme is to make an online system that can be used to report problems to, or request services from, various groups (departments) within DWIT.
When are you thinking to start the project? If the project has already started, can you tell us where are you now?
  • I have already started the project. I have made the basic working module of the project. But still many modules are yet to be built. Most of the modules I have built are static which need be made dynamic and I need to optimize the codes too.
What will be the main features of the product? Are you being paid? And what about the deadline of project?
  • Some of the main features of the product are:
    • Keeping record of the request and its response and generate report according to the request-response data.
    • Export the available data in excel sheet.
    • The Administrator will have a log file where he/she can have a watch on users.
    • Immediate email notification to the responsible body after a request is submitted.
Yes, college has promised us to pay for this system, but only if we build the system with their requirements. There is no certain deadline for this project. But, I have decided to complete this project as soon as possible, may be in a month. Have you received enough resources to build the application?
  • I am confident about building the software in development phase. But, I am not sure about the production phase and testing phase. Talking about the human resources, I will soon have a team which will be working along with me for the completion of this project.
On which platform are you going to build this application and why did you choose that platform?
  • The front end of the application is built using Semantic UI, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JS and back end is being built using PHP with MySQL. I have used this platform because I feel comfortable to work with PHP.
Do you think that this application will have a larger scope?
  • This application can be used by people to create each request to resolve any issue or request for a service. This application can help the college track and keep records of the requests and responses. It provides effective and efficient request-response cycle. I do think that every organization needs such application, so I believe it has a larger scope.