Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Internet Problem Hit DWITians!

By Ashish Bikram Lamichane

Photo: Slow Internet                                                    Photo Courtesy: Internet has become a part of our life in this modern world. With no internet, people get a feeling of something vital missing from their life. It has become as basic of needs as food and water for IT students. If IT student don’t get connected to the internet, their life becomes like that of a fish without water. And DWIT students have become that fish. Internet is required for the students to do any kind of assignments in the college. During college time, teachers give assignments to the students and tell them to complete during the class time. But, rather than completing the assignment, they have to spend their time trying to connect to the internet. They are considered lucky if they get connected to the internet. But the sad part is, even if they get connected, it is too slow to use. Some of the students of fifth semester said, “When we were in first semester, we used to come to that college to upload or download files but now the internet at our homes is faster than that of our college.” Their view reflects that increment in the internet users in the college can be a potential problem. Recently, the DWIT IT department has taken a major step to solve the problem. They have assigned each semester at college a router with a hope that it would solve the ongoing problem. But the only problem they could solve was that of connection. Now, all the students get connected to the internet, but the net is still very slow to use. The president of the IT department said, “What can be done to solve the internet problem is that, first the current routers being used can be replaced and the internet bandwidth can be increased since 4.5 mbps speed is not sufficient during day”. According to him, it could be better if bandwidth is made flexible (internet speed of 2 mbps is sufficient in morning but during day speed of 4.5 mbps is not sufficient).  Moreover, Prabin Rai, one of the other members of the IT Department, mentioned, “The Access Points aren’t enough for the population of our college. Also, the setup we have for disseminating internet service is fit for a small population. We altogether have three switches; however one is in useless condition. Hope we can sort the internet problems soon.” Abhishek Gupta, the president of the Software Club, said, “The college should have looked upon the problem well beforehand. Nevertheless, they are focusing on it now.” Bimal Gaire added, “This internet problem is certainly of major concern. We can do nothing without internet. We have to check our mails frequently, Google things we want, and internet problem ruins it all. It’s kind of annoying actually. After you get connected to the internet, it’s like winning a precious jewel. Hope college figures this out. Can’t live like this.” If the aim of the college is to make itself one of Asia’s Best IT Colleges, solving the recent internet problem is the first step towards that aim.