Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Instagram Vs. Facebook

By Shreya Sapkota


Photo Courtesy: The Huffington Post
Instagram and Facebook are two of the most popular social media platforms. I’m certain that almost everyone in this college has both Facebook and Instagram accounts. But then again, which of these social media platform is better, Instagram or Facebook? Instagram has about 500 million users while Facebook has 1.1 billion users. If we are to judge based on the popularity, then it is obvious that Facebook beats Instagram. However, a judgment based upon the number of users would not be fair upon Instagram as it was released six years after the release of Facebook. So, on what basis do we judge? Facebook is a multi-option platform where people can post their feelings and opinions in words, can post photo or videos, comments, and chat. While, Instagram is limited to photos, videos, comments, and chats. The newest feature of Instagram, the 24-hour story, however, gives it a plus point. Similarly, Instagram has a large number of teenagers as their active users while Facebook has active users from all age group. And, there is also the fact that business advertisement is flourished more in Facebook while the page of different business is made and overseen through Instagram. It is also found that the privacy is better in Instagram as your activities such as your comment are not visible to unwanted audience. On the other hand, it is hard to ignore the fact that Facebook does a better work at connecting people by showing the common factors among the users. Nonetheless, it is found that Instagram has more better presentation than Facebook but then Facebook is considered easier to use than Instagram. In conclusion, Instagram and Facebook are equally good in their own terms. Both the social media have pros and cons that cancel each other.