Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

My Inspiration: Gyanu Deula

By Shreha Regmi

Dogs, the most faithful of animals in the whole wide world! I am among one of those people who loves dogs more than human beings. For those of you who don't know me, if I see a dog, then I act all crazy because I love dogs, and you may find that very weird. I know people in my life who don't like dogs, and there is nothing wrong in not liking dogs because it's up to you. But I find animals friendlier than people. It's really easy to open up in front of a dog, or any other animal rather than people. Whenever it comes to making new friends, I back off because I'm scared of being judged. But whenever I see some dog and act aww, then they come to me wagging their tail, and that makes me feel so loved. My love for animals goes way back. Back when I was a small child. My grandmom and granddad always had dogs and kittens, there was a parrot and small goats. My whole childhood, I was around animals and I’ve seen my grandmom, my mom, my dad and everyone love all those animals. My mom still loves animals and I’ve always had dogs in my home. I’ve seen my mom raising six dogs in front of me. And I’ve loved each one of them so much, that it’s painful to bid them goodbyes in their grave. There are two stray dogs around my home who follow me every time just because I pet them and give them biscuits sometimes. And the way they come towards me wagging their tail, oh! It makes you so very happy. For those of you who know me, you all know how I am when it comes to dogs. I don't only love puppies or those dogs in people's home. But I love those stray dogs who are all alone and who do not get any food as such. And when I found out about Gyanu Deula, the Dog's Mother, I was so inspired by her. She lives in Kamaladi, Ganesthan. She doesn't even have a job, but she looks after all those stray dogs. She feeds them, looks after them, cares and loves them. But what does she get in return? Nothing! She doesn't get any money, she doesn't get any more famous, but she gets all the love from her little children. There is no such information about her, but so far I've found that she lives in the shade of the temple and I want to meet her. Those 3 minutes of the time I watched her, made me know everything about her. She is the kind of person I respect the most. The way she calls them, the way she kisses them makes you so happy and sad at the same time. The people who have nothing are the most amazing people. They know the pain and the suffering of not having anything, and that is why they help everyone. There is a short documentary about Gyanu Deula, and if you’re a dog lover then it’ll definitely make your eyes go all watery. That feeling when you get after helping those dogs is priceless. Wherever Deula goes, you can see the dogs following her around. And when any stranger approaches towards her, you see the little black dog barking at you, and that is the sweetest thing ever. If you love someone, then to what extent can you go to protect the one you love? Well, for Deula, these dogs can die for her. Because dogs are the beautiful and the most caring and lovable beings on the whole wide world, they go to any extent to save their master. But here, Deula is their mother. And a child can do anything for their only mother. I believe that she is not only a mother, but a god for those dogs, for her children. Those little creatures can't even speak, or talk. They cannot bring out their feelings to the world. All they can do is bark, when they get sad they howl, when they get angry, they bark, when they are happy they wag their tail and bark. And here we are, whenever we hear a dog barking, we shout at them. So, if there is someone who comes to talk to you, then do you shout at them? I do not know much about Gyanu Deula, I cannot give you people any more information about her. But I will definitely try to find her and interview her myself. I want to know everything about her. I'm a curious person and there are so many questions I want to ask. I want to help her in all the way I can. And for those of you who want to help her, please help me. :) For the movie, please go through this link: