Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Insomnia And Youths

By Pratyush Nepal

Picture Courtesy: Pratyush Nepal

Insomnia simply means wakefulness. It ranges from acute to chronic. Insomnia is divergent among people and can lead to serious problems if it is not properly diagnosed. It can lead to serious mental and physical problems and can impede a person’s health, functionality etc. Insomnia is spreading like wildfire and us youths are among its main victims.

 Us youths have to deal with different psychological and physical aspects like stress, anxiety, and heavy workload on a daily basis, which ramifies into not getting a proper sleep despite being tired. Since, our bodies are still in developmental stage, we need proper sleep to maintain our health. If we are sleep deprived, it may affect our bodily functions and may even cause several diseases in the future.

 The main causes of insomnia are anxiety, stress, poor diet and similar unhealthy habits. Youths these days have a bad habit of staying up all night which some might say is their way of showing their independence. This causes sleep deprivation. Improper guidance from parents is also a major cause of insomnia. The initial symptoms can lead to major consequences if not treated properly. Sleep disorder causes several health problems like heart failure, paranoia etc. It can also effect the everyday life as the youths cannot balance everyday activities and academics, which causes more stress and more work load. Heart attacks, cardiac arrest are inclining in youths these days due to the increasing lack of energy and sleep. So these problems must be treated in time.

 “Prevention is better than cure”, so insomnia must be diagnosed in time and must be treated before more problems arise. Guardians must encourage young people to get involved in meditation, proper balanced diet, exercise etc. Youths must be able to manage their time and get as much sleep as possible because it helps to keep a sound health. If youths are able to do the aforementioned tasks, they can lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.