Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

India's Monopoly To Break Soon

By Giriraj Khatri

There has been a monopoly of India in almost everything and recently Nepal has been bold to break it. The recent step taken was that Nepal is all set to buy the internet bandwidth from China. Nepal Telecom the state-owned Telecommunications Company is all set to buy the IP from China Telecom Global. This is a giant leap for communication in Nepal as it would bring down the internet cost and the increase the quality of internet. At present Nepal is being connected to rest of the world via India to Singapore then to Hong Kong and to the rest of the world. The internet from China means that Nepal can directly communicate with Hong Kong and to the rest of the world. The short route will obviously increase the quality. Moreover, the competition between two countries to provide IP will lead to quality internet at a low price. The internet from China is coming through Rasuwagadhi and China Telecom has already made a huge investment in that area for laying fibers. Nepal Telecom has already conducted the successful test but people should wait more as Rasuwagadhi is prone to landslide and homework has been going on to shift equipment to Timmure. The state-owned telecom has also planned to divert international calls through this route which means now there would be no engagement in international calls. Let us hope that this plan will come into effect very soon and bring Chinese internet to our home and office.