Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

In-School Art Workshop 1.0 Successfully Conducted

By Ashmita Thapa

Photo Courtesy: Ruby Shrestha 

Every human being has an artist hidden inside him/her. The art of drawing is acquired during birth by humans like the art of swimming acquired by a frog. The only difference is some are better than others. Some can express the pictures in more realistic form than the others.

The first ever ART workshop was held in DWIT on 3rd of April, 2016. It was conducted by Mr. Avaya Prasad Pandey, the creative designer at Deerwalk Services. The event was a huge success with the participation of seventeen students from all the batches. The first session of the art class was even more attractive to many students as it did not require any experiences in drawing beforehand. Participants had to carry a pencil, scale, eraser and sharper by themselves while the sketch pad and further refreshments were provided by the art club.

The workshop kicked off with a brief history of drawing. The evolution of art was beautifully presented and highlighted by the mentor. The evolution of art was followed by an introduction to perceptive drawing. This week’s workshop was all about how to make realistic pictures by showing their accurate dimensions on the canvas.

After practicing a bit on perceptive drawing using only one vanishing point, the workshop was continued by a short refreshment break. Then the workshop moved on to perceptive drawing using two vanishing points. Many students were successful in copying the images of real life buildings and nature on their canvas.

The only complaint everyone had was that the art-books had to be handed back to the club at the end of the class. Students could not take their progress home to practice till perfection. However, students are anticipating more entertaining workshops as such in upcoming days.