Mon, 11 Dec, 2023

Importance of Health

By Raju Shrestha

Health determines the prosperity of a person or a nation. Without good health, no one can imagine happy and wealthy life. If we are physically, mentally and socially fit, then only we are said to be a healthy person. It is impossible to do anything without good health.

Regular exercise, balanced diet, fresh air, intake pure drinking water, proper sanitation are the basic requirements for maintaining good health. Balanced diet is an essential asset for each human being; which should include fresh fruits, green vegetables, milk and milk products, fresh meat, grains, seeds, sea foods and others which contain enough protein, carbohydrate, fats, vitamins, minerals and calcium. These elements are essential for growth and development of human body. Eating chocolates, biscuits, dry and junk food and other ready-made foods that are currently available in the market are not good for health, which in fact all of us are aware about.  High intake of such food may cause various diseases.

Along with intake of healthy food, we also necessarily need to keep our surroundings neat and clean. Organizations like hospitals, educational institutions, public places (like parks, roads) must be kept neat and clean in order to prevent form pollution anywhere anytime. Throwing of waste and dust products in open places, use of harmful chemicals on soil to produce eatable substances, use of old, worn and torn vehicles makes eventually can make our environment dirty. Many communicable diseases appear due to environmental pollution.

Regular exercise is also essential for good health; doing works which require physical activities can keep our body fit. Clean drinking water, fresh air, fresh vegetables, and organic food materials free of chemicals should be consumed often instead of artificially flavored food. Everyone is aware that good health is essential but they actually lie to themselves and prefer unhealthy things over healthy ones. This may be due to carelessness or lack of proper health education on how to maintain a healthy life. Health education and awareness program should be launched in different places so that one can become aware of their health status.A healthy person can work smartly and maintain their  name and fame.

Therefore, health is more important than money. Fresh air, clean water, comfortable clothes, nutritious food, regular exercise are the essential things required to maintain a healthy living.