Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

My Identity

By Akankshya Upadhaya

Each day I grow, a cheerful world I see My son, my husband and me The bed tea and a packet of biscuit I serve And with love, my family take it all My son leave for the best school downtown And all evening I wait my family be as one But there, I perceive a cook-a-doodle do I drink water and when to the next bed I be My paralyzed husband and a hungry son I see I go to the kitchen; The bed tea and a packet of biscuit to serve But not even a cup of milk there be I beg for a job, the whole day I search none I ever get; a lady I be with curse A day however, a man insisted to pay Within no time, I agreed, let me make money, I say, Even when  I had no clue about my business A business women I would be He took me to his place the day next And there I had a business to sell my body I love my husband, my son and even me But always in my bed A paralyzed husband and a hungry son I see Each day I get paid, to cure my husband I share my femininity for I am in need of money and so he does, though not in need of riches But with wife isn’t he satisfied sexually Today a wise man in him people see And here, for eternity, a prostitute, my identity be! (Akankshya is one of the students from our new batch, Batch of 2018. Thanks for the contribution Akankshya! If others too want to contribute, they can send their articles to us at [email protected])