Fri, 24 May, 2024

I Witnessed A Miracle

By Maunta Rani Gautam

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There were times when the 13-year-old me had no clue about how to start a simple essay. I used to be amused when I saw people who could write beautiful poems, articles, and blogs. Every writing would leave me stunned; the poems used to be deep and beautiful; the articles were overwhelming and breathtaking. They would make perfect sense and I would be completely perplexed. I was never fascinated by writing before. But, words stared at me to become my best friends when I first wrote about how I felt when I lost my grandmother. With thousands of paused moments between us, I couldn’t stop writing about her. As I started to ink the white paper with the best memories, huge salty water rolled down my cheeks. At the end of the day, I felt so relaxed and light. But that wasn’t the best part, I actually wrote a poem which made perfect sense. Ironic yet true, the girl who had no idea about a poem, successfully wrote a sensible one. The introvert now had a better reason to be a loner. Playing with words, replacing them, but keeping them simple, ten poems were born that year.  My poems didn’t have rhymes or complex words. Still, I started to post and make people read my poems. After several posts about life, personal experience, one day an email popped saying “Congratulation on having your first follower.” and I couldn’t put my foot down. But still, there was always a feeling that said, “Your poem deserve even more.” One fine day, one of my friends read my poem in such a way that it literally changed the meaning of it. That’s when I understood what my creations were missing - a voice. Each poem had a tone which I wasn’t able to deliver to the world. Each word expressed a tone, a feeling in it. That’s when I decided to VOICE MY WORDS. The introvert me now knocked the door of courage to face the mass, the mass of hundreds of people. The same me who trembled to death to say an elocution piece back in school decided to take a step. The journey wasn’t easy because the first time was a disaster. The second was even worst but that’s what the challenge was. No matter what wreckage, I had to come up with the guts to be confident. After three successful failed performances, I was finally able to stand in the center with no trembled feet, a huge smile and the confidence to look into the eye of every single person present there. The goal was to deliver my poem and make people understand how I felt or what made me write the particular thing. With the count of three, there I stood among 200 people and I recited my poem “If I Shall Ever Have A Boyfriend.” As I finished, the hands of appreciation made a delighted sound which broke the silence of the hall. Happiness knew no bounds when the victory was declared mine for the very first time. The idea was to beat the fear and move on and I believe that day I witnessed a miracle. We all have magic within ourselves. A simple passion and a gentle push and you shall know what you are capable of. Failure will block your path but that’s what the challenge is, pick yourself and BE A WARRIOR. As for now, talking to people is what I love the most. And the idea of sharing thoughts? Well, that’s what I am made up of today!

About Author:

Maunta Rani considers herself as a lively soul who enjoys each and every moment granted by the beautiful Life. She loves to travel, sing, and talk. Considering smile as the best makeup, she tries her best to make people smile with her words. She loves to explore new personalities and share thoughts with them as she thinks, "Sharing is the best way to deliver your thoughts."