Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

To Be Human

By Barsha Dahal

Human used to be ape man many years ago. No, no... Human used to be primitives before that. What a drastic change!! Wow... Now we look beautiful, don’t we? We have nice hair, beautiful eyes, lovely lips and fit body. We walk like we own the world and smile like we are the happiest creatures of the world. To be born as a human is the greatest success. We already won the race. Should we prove that we are winners? Winners never win the race just to prove anything. It is believed that when we come out from the mother's womb, we cry loud because we know life is going to be a struggle. But who knows, that may be cries of dignity and we may be shouting, “yo... I am human, the most intellectual and powerful creature.” I am cock-a-hoop at being human. I can feel the coolness of the air, smoothness of the flowers, roughness of the thrones and the most important thing, I can love. To be loved and to love is such a feeling that teaches you to live even though your life might take a turn to hell. To be human is to live with those feelings. Does it seem too run of the mill to you? No it’s extremely wonderful that we can sense. Even if its pain, be happy. At least you feel it. We never appreciate what we have. We have ears to hear, eyes to see, skin to sense, heart to love and soul to feel. Isn’t that enough? It’s more than enough. But wait... that’s not really enough. To be human is beyond living for yourself and being happy. I am happy without any reason, because my feeling is complete and I am complete. But is that everything I have got? Isn’t it necessary to be a good human? Shouldn’t I stop the crimes and fight for other’s justice? I will show you some headlines. Read it and question yourself, “Are they human?” “Three confess to gang-rape and murder of Indian girls” What came in your mind reading this headline? Shame on such humans. They should be hanged to death. There are millions of men who rape little girls just to satisfy their sexual desire. O god that small kid became an object just because she is a girl. No, not only girls I have heard many stories where little boys are raped by giant adults. Now tell me, are they supposed to be humans? “Florida Felon kills his 6 grandchildren” Why do such crimes happen in this world? He was also human then why couldn’t he feel the pain of dying? It was said that he killed himself after that. Was he a criminal or a psycho mad man? Whoever he might be, he was a murderer of humanity. Police have charged a 40-year-old Pennsylvania woman on having sex with a 13-year-old boy and then making him fake a toothache so he could get painkillers for her. What the hell is this? Can that boy believe women are the most loving and caring human beings? How can a woman play with the emotions of that little boy who may be about her son’s age? I don’t believe humans are the most intellectual and emotional creatures of the world. I don’t believe humanity exists everywhere. These were few realities which will question the existence of humanity. There are many harsh stories regarding the death of emotions and humanity. People sometimes call criminals, dogs. I feel pity for the dogs. Such humans are worse than animals. Dogs are faithful and honest. We can call it stupid comparisons. I see monkeys roaming around my college. They are naughty, I agree. But they love their friends and family. Once I teased a monkey from the window of my classroom. When other monkeys saw me teasing their friends, they started making irritating sounds and tried to scratch my hand...luckily I wasn’t caught by them. I saw the love in their anger.


This picture speaks a lot. I do not hesitate to say these monkeys are more sociable than millions of humans. They know the value of a tight hug and love. Now the day will come when the animals start comparing themselves with humans. When a monkey will fight with his mom and dad then they will tell him, “You rascal, don’t behave as humans.” Haha, it sounds funny! But, dear humans, it’s not a joke. If we continue being unkind and rude then one day we will surely be ranked as the most underdeveloped creatures in terms of kindness. Hey human, we have the power to bring change, we have the emotions to spread love, we have the ambition to touch the sky then why are we ruining our abilities? We are the best among all living creatures. Protect kindness within you. You were born to love and rule, then why are you killing the human inside you? The world will be a better place if we unite and bring humanity back. One day we will be proud to be humans, good and kind humans.