Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

How Was the Picnic?

By Aakankshya Shrestha

Samjhana Pokharel playing Tic Tac Toe                                                                                               Photo: Mohan Singh Bomrel '17
The idea of going to a picnic always sounds exciting and rejuvenating to everyone. On Feb. 18, Picnic Organizing Committee 2017 and DWIT Club Presidents organized DWIT Picnic. It was a great opportunity to take a break from all of our crazy hectic schedules and take a break. Most of the students from all the batches were present along with some faculty members. Therefore, it was another opportunity to foster the bond between all of the students as well as teachers. DWIT News had asked the opinion of few of the people attending the picnic. Here’s what they said:

Surendra Adhikari, Principal

The picnic spot was WOW with almost full house participation of students and staffs of DWIT. Had it been clear weather, it could have been superb with the grandeur scene of Langtang Range. The games were well organized and enjoyed. The moment when the music system did not work was embarrassing. However, the organizers managed to get the next system and dance started. I enjoyed and hope everyone else enjoyed as well.

Samjhana Pokhrel, Administrative Officer

The first thing that I liked was the location, it was clean and the view was good. In addition, there were many people attending the picnic as compared to last year. I also liked the how the events were managed by the organizing committee - the entire program with games and food timing taking one after another. Also, for the best part for me was winning the Tic Tac Toe game with my teammates. However, the only sad part was that we did not get a chance to dance due to the technical problem with the system which I later learned was solved but we went to roam around the local area which was fun as well. Overall, I think it was the best, from the games to the food and I felt that everyone else had a good time as well.

Shreha Regmi '17

The best part of the picnic was having fun with my friends. My friends and I took a short break from the actual picnic spot and went to the Kakani Park. It is a beautiful place and there were beautiful rhododendrons that we got hold of and just roamed around the place. We took loads of pictures and had fun; we made many memories.

Riwaj Chalise '20

That is a day worth remembering; the moment I reached the picnic spot, I forgot everything about the pile of work waiting on my table that had been bothering my head. I cannot afford to forget even a single glimpse of the day, but the crazy dancing is something I remember over and over again. Kudos! To the organizing team, I look forward to enjoy more and more of such rejuvenating events.

Aakankshya Upadhyay '18

The best part of the picnic is always the games we play. This time Tic Tac Toe stole the show for me. In addition, for the first time Class of 2018 won the tug of war against someone. What a satisfying and proud moment it was! Everything was fun and exciting. Actually, from the preparation to the terrifying horror stories, while returning, I enjoyed every bit of it. The picnic was such a refreshing break that I needed.

Aayusha Shrestha '20

I being a freshman year student did not know much about the DWIT picnic and had no idea what to expect. However, the picnic was very good. The place being a fascinating one and the spot where we all landed up was very nice. The games that we played, the management of foods in time, the music and dance were all very wonderful. All in all, I think the picnic was a refreshing event for the whole DWIT family. Going out of the valley and having an enjoyable break is probably the best thing to do hence the picnic was really rejoicing.