Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

How Was The Bonfire Program?

By Shreeya Pandey

New Year marks the arrival of new aspirations, happiness, and desires. It is rejoiced throughout the world with greater enthusiasm in a hope that the upcoming year would bring in lots of happiness and success in its way. As the year 2016 comes to an end, with greater hope and expectations, 2017 was welcomed with a Bonfire Program organized by DWIT Social Service Club in collaboration with DWIT Music Club. Almost all the students from Class of 2020, 2019 and few from 2018 and 2016 were present there and rejoiced every single moment by dancing, eating and gossiping with their buddies. This program was truly memorable. DWIT News had asked the opinion of few students regarding the Bonfire Program. Here’s what they have said: “The program was great on the overall but there was some negligence by seniors. After the program, almost all the seniors left in a hurry while I and my friends had to carry all the musical equipment up to the Sagarmatha Hall. I felt that the seniors were quite irresponsible on this but nevertheless I had a good time.” - Aadesh Dhakal '20 “I had a warm and pleasant sensation to have a Bonfire in the cold winter night with soothing music. The best part of this event was to dance together around the bonfire. Also, the provision of food and water was well maintained by the club. The program ended late, so many students who did not have their own transportation faced difficulties in going home. Despite all of these, we had a memorable time.” - Ajay Banstola '20 “The Bonfire organized by the DWIT Social Service Club marked the beginning of a new year. Everybody danced along and gossiped with the feeling of joy and happiness. I would like to thank the club for organizing such a program and giving us a chance to build some memorable moments with our friends.” - Rachana Banjade '19 “The best part of the Bonfire was dancing and chilling with my friends. This event would always be fresh in my mind and I would remember it through my life." - Saurav Bhandari '19 [caption id="attachment_15511" align="aligncenter" width="960"]DWIT Social Service Club successfully organized Bonfire Program DWIT Social Service Club successfully organized Bonfire Program[/caption] “Bonfire was a memorable program. I would like to thank DWIT Social Service Club for organizing such a program which would ultimately help to strengthen the fellowship among various batches of the college. I also feel that the club should further organize such events to maintain a good bond between the seniors and the juniors.” - Sashank Shakya '19 “I had a great time rejoicing with my friends in this program which has given me so many memories to treasure for a lifetime.” - Siddartha Giri '19 ”I enjoyed a lot by sitting around the bonfire and gossiping with my friends. We drank tea, listened to music and danced. I had to go home a bit early thus could not stay much longer but nevertheless, I had a wonderful time.” - Osheen Shrestha '18 Such events provide refreshment to the students after their long hectic college hours thus on special occasions such events should be organized.