Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

How was DeerUtsav 4.0?

By Aabishkar Pandey

Photo Courtesy: DWIT college
The day when 4 years of hard work and toil finally pays off and the day arrives for the students to finally bid goodbye to the college life behind them and embrace the challenges of the real world. This is what DeerUtsav signifies for the Deerwalkers. This is the day for our beloved seniors finally hold the certificate of completion of BSC. CSIT.   DeerUtsav 4.0 was held on April 28, Saturday. The event was a grand success which began with the graduation ceremony in the morning followed by lunch and performances from various batches as a tribute to the seniors. The event ended with dance party which made the day a highly memorable one.   We took the opportunity to ask one question to a few participants of the event regarding DeerUtsav. The question was :   What do you think was the one thing(or many) that set DeerUtsav 4.0 apart from all other DeerUtsav? The answers that we received are as follows: Every year, Deerwalk tries to improve in comparison to previous events. Deerutsav 4.0 was no exception. First, as there were more students this time around, the overall hype was enormous. More volunteers, more performers, more excitement, even multiple stages accumulated in overall a fun affair. This time around, I was able to take part as a volunteer and got to observe the preparation that it takes to complete such an event. Deerutsav 4.0 was definitely bigger in all aspects than previous versions.” ~ Aadesh Dhakal ‘20   “Well, this Deerutsav didn't have the most interesting performance i.e the drama due to which I felt that the program ended pretty early.However, the dances this year were more energizing, creative and eye-catching.”            ~ Shreeya Pandey ‘19   “The performances this year were far better than those of the previous ones. And, there was a wide variety in the types of performances as well.” ~ Sushil Awale ‘19   “I felt really honored and happy for the effort and excitement everyone had regarding Deerutsav which was I guess more than previous Deerutsavs. These are the moments, I will cherish for the rest of my life and I am thankful to the entire Deerwalk family for making this day grand for us.” ~ Sharun Sangat ‘17