Sun, 26 May, 2024

How Has Your Pokemon GO Journey Gone So Far?

By Saras Karanjit

After this much-awaited game got rolling this month, Pokemon GO has already been a revolutionary game in many parts of the world. It has surpassed the expectations of the players as well as the developers. This game has broken a number of records worldwide in mere 2 weeks and the interesting thing is, this game is yet to be launched officially.

So here we have asked a few about their experience till date of this game, some of the answers are:

  • Pokemon GO is really fun to play. It fulfilled my childhood dream of catching Pokemon in real life. This game encourages me to walk and keeps me fit. Travelling and meeting new people is fun and there can be no better reason than playing Pokémon GO. For me, this game acts as an ice breaker when talking to new people and also gives me an opportunity to meet new people and visit new places. Gotta catch em all.
  • Biplav Shrestha, DWIT
  • Pokémon GO being an online MMORPG game generates a feeling of competition between friends. Thinking who’s gonna catch an awesome Pokémon with highest CP gets me all pumped up. Pokémon GO although consumes mobile data but it’s worth it. Catching Pokémon to recall our younger fantasies and still live in it is not something we get to do often. For me, Pokémon GO really has been a part of new timetable, which now involves a lot of walking and a lot of charging and recharging ☺.
  • Suraj Prasai, DWIT
  • It’s a fun game. I am meeting new people while I go on a walk. In one phrase, I’d like to describe it as a social, physical and mental game. Overall, it’s an allrounder.
  • Ronit Pradhan, DWIT
  • My 1-day experience of playing Pokemon GO so far has been great. I don't use the regular method of roaming and hunting for Pokemon. Instead, I play Pokemon GO from my PC using Bluestacks (an android emulator). Although it violates the rules of Pokemon GO, it is fun and very addictive. The level grows faster as I have grown level 7 in just one day and the Pokemons are captured just by sitting in your chair and pinging to the location, where you want to go hunting them down. Haha! Fun. Isn't it? Well, it’s the matter of time till I get banned from the game.

Personally, Pokemon is one of my best cartoon series and will always remain the best.

  • Suyog Shrestha, DWIT
  • Talking about my experience, I really had a hard time downloading this game in the first place. I so wished to catch a Pikachu as my first Pokemon but unfortunately, the options were limited. Pokemon has always been one of my best cartoons and to have Pokemons of my own was my dream. It’s a really addictive game. I really wish that I get to catch my favorite Pokemons.
  • Shiwani Rani Basnet, DAV
  • As far as I have experienced, it's a pretty good game which forces you to go outside and explore your neighborhood. Different malls and restaurants have started schemes favoring Pokemon trainers here. Even the ISPs have made Pokemon GO free from any data costs. This game is just a beginning of many such exciting games, even the game can go much further. And finally, if they could do anything for the trainers’ safety, they should do it.
  • Sohil Vaidya, Bachelors student, USA
  • In the beginning, the experience was a bit disappointing. Watching everyone catch Pokémons and the app not being compatible with an Intel-based device was frustrating. However the update was able to fix the issue and now the experience is good. The game is extremely addictive and the efforts that went to create the game have resulted in an absolute masterpiece.
  • Subhamrit Bimali, DWIT