Sat, 02 Dec, 2023

Hoverboard: Fake Viral Video Takes Over YouTube Again?

By Shrijak Shrestha

Most of us who have watched the Back to the future Trilogy have always dreamt of taking a ride on the hoverboard. The thrill of defying gravity and flying high on a board seems to take our mind whenever we imagine hoverboards. This thought has grasped the imagination of kids and adults alike for a long time. So, has the hoverboard been invented? On March 3rd a video was released on YouTube titled BELIEF, which quickly became one of the most popular videos. It was a commercial for a hoverboard by the company HUVR tech which was almost identical to the model from the hit sci-fi movie. Sadly, it was later revealed that the video was just a prank by funny or die. Although most people figured out that the video was a hoax many people did believe it and were very excited. And why wouldn’t they? The product was being promoted by the likes of skateboard legend Tony Hawk, musician Moby and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) himself. There was even a website for the so called HUVR tech. Until March 9 this video has more than 11 million views. The hoverboard is still fiction. But with the rapid improvements in technology, there may soon be a day when we can levitate on the streets like Marty.